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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mrs. Ann Romney - Nice Speech, Pretty Dress
Sasha Issenberg

Although Mrs. Ann Romney is a lovely appearing lady, who picked a perfectly coiffed red dress for her anticipated speech at the Republican National Convention last evening, August 28, in Tampa, she looked better than she delivered.

If substance were measured in looks, she'd get a 10, but not if I were listening to her on the radio.

Like the song in "Chorus Line", Mrs. Romney got "Looks 10" but, substance, "3"

Sasha Issenber writes in "Slate":

"...Ann.. seemed to miss the mark... because (her speech) was free of revealing anecdote"...

Quote from Mrs. Romney's speech:

"I read somewhere that Mitt and I have a 'storybook marriage,' Well, in the storybooks I read, there were never long, long, rainy winter afternoons in a house with five boys screaming at once."


I so wanted Mrs. Romney to succeed before the GOP convention, because she's very likable. 

Unfortunately, like her thoroughbred horse entered into the summer Olympics, she didn't qualify for a medal.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Romney is an effective spokesperson for her husband, Mitt, who has been running for President since he was born, per the tongue in cheek by David Brooks in the NYTimes!

But, she didn't tell us why Governor Romney wants to be the President of the United States. Worse, she didn't say what he'll do if  (gulp!) elected!  

But, Mrs. Romney's line about five screaming boys on a rainy day is almost as laughable an anecdote as Sarah Palin saying she could see Russia from her window, as Alaska's governor.  These aren't the anecdote's voters want to hear.  Rather, we want insight into how Presidential candidates make decisions, what makes them worthy leaders and, yes, at least 5 substantive reasons we should vote for them, rather than the others.

I recall seeing video of an old television interview with John F. Kennedy, when he was asked about the 1957, impending birth of his daughter, Caroline.  In those days, before anybody thought of  knowing the sex of a baby before it was born, Kennedy was asked if he and Jackie preferred a boy or girl? In that moment, President Kennedy provided insight to his soul. Rather than laugh or make light of his answer, he became serious and sincere when he said it didn't matter to him, so long as the baby was healthy.  Although this anecdote doesn't seem profound,  it was a brief moment when the future President left a legacy about sexual preference, which is a cultural problem in many societies today. President Kennedy's response in the 1950s saw into the future, a time when sexual preference would not be a barrier for women to succeed. His forward thinking and heartfelt response demonstrated a sense of the future, as well as compassion for his first born child and for his wife, Jackie, the baby's mother, all in one very brief sentance.  

Of course, the Kennedy's aren't running for President in 2012, but Mitt Romney, who failed to defeat Senator Ted Kennedy, is running.

Yet, Mrs. Romney was unconvincing when she told an adoring audience that her husband will not fail, if he's elected President. 

Mrs. Romney comes across as too perfect, like porcelain. 

Having 5 screaming young sons cloistered with Mrs. Romney on a rainy afternoon doesn't stir any more emotions than a gym class preparing for an intramural volley ball game.  

We expect more from Mrs. Romney than she gave in her speech to an adoring Tampa audience, last night.  I'd like to hear her say why she loves Mitt? What attracted her? Recall when Hilary Clinton spoke during the video she hosted at the 1992 Democratic convention, when she explained why she followed her future husband to Arkansas?  "I fell in love with him" she said.  Enough said.

What about Laura Bush, who stood up to her husband George W. Bush, when he was falling into the spiral of alcoholism?  Many women identified with Mrs. Laura Bush. 

Well, congratulations, Ann Romney, for looking beautiful during your convention speech, but it was a  "looks 10 - substance 3".
Your convincing stump speech introductions didn't quite reach out and grab the nation.

Frankly, Sarah Palin might have been a better draw. 



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