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Friday, May 18, 2012

US Bank Authorizes Illegal Entry in Sabattus Maine

It's true!  US Bank, a mortgage company, authorized an illegal break in at my son's Sabattus ME lake home in January 2012!

Although we have a lawyer and are suing for this illegal criminal act, the Bank acts like they did absolutely nothing wrong. It may take years plus more thousands of dollars to bring the bank/mortgage company to justice.

When the bank authorized the break in, the thieves known as Five Brothers confiscated thousands of dollars of my sons belonging and we don't know where his possessions went!

My son is interviewed in the above video broadcast on Maine WGME Channel 13 news.

He rightfully tells the interviewer how the US Bank president will likely receive a bonus because of his status but my son will be made into a victim, even though the Bank is clearly engaged in illegal activity.

Our rights as property owners appear to be in jeopardy if behavior like the US Bank illegal entry is allowed to go unchecked.

Indeed, my son was one month behind on a mortgage payment, but he was not anywhere near foreclosure, nor was his lake home abandoned as the bank erroneously and illegally claimed. He is current with his mortgage at this time.  He had no notice from the Bank that anything was wrong, they simply broke into the house and allowed Five Brothers to rob my son.

I am sending this video link to all major news broadcasts, not so much because I want my son to receive the feedback as I hope others who find themselves innocent victims of bank fraud and illegal acts will know they can fight back - a class action suit is a good idea!


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