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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guns and Garage/Yard Sales

An innocent community garage/yard sale brought out gun pickers over the weekend.

Our neighborhood advertised the sale on Craig's List, which is probably why gun shoppers found us.

Nonetheless, we were stunned when those among the curious shoppers were gun buyers!

"Any guns?" the buyers abruptly asked.  My husband, thankfully, is quick with this kind of query.  "We keep all the guns we need," he responded.  Clever man! That way, gun shoppers won't think we're  living in the Maine woods without artillery protection.  Sad, very sad, comment on our condition. We felt it was necessary to suggest there are guns in our house.

Gun shoppers have a distinctly proprietary perspective. The guns purchased at yard sales are even less regulated than those purchased at gun shows. No receipts!

I'm wondering how many guns the pickers were able to purchase as they trolled various garage/yard sales.  Probably many.  They also, quite likely, sell the guns shortly after purchasing them - making big profits, with no paper trail.

I'm so relieved nothing sold at our particular table in the neighborhood garage/yard sale will be used to kill either people or animals.

We'll never know if guns purchased by the gun pickers as they troll are put to nefarious or deadly use.

Maybe future garage sales should post "no guns" for those of us who are, frankly, offended by those who are using this neighborly activity to further a deadly project for profit.

Response sent to me via email from Gail in North Carolina:  "Had you not written the blog about people looking to buy guns at yard sales I would have never believed it. Is that actually legal in the state of Maine to sell a gun at a yard sale? ..."



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