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Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Country Devastated - Post Earthquake Japan

Visitors to Japan "pre" last week's horrific earthquake and resulting tsunami waves were impressed by the country's organized beauty. Guests were treated to an orderly country.  People were polite to a fault. they were graciously efficient with time, resources, transpiration and energy.

Japan is the only country in the world to endure and recover from two attacks with nuclear bombs at the end of World War II.  It is completely unfair for this nation consisting of small group of islands to undergo yet another series of catastrophic events, this time by the destructive brutal forces of earth's moving plates along the Pacific Ocean's rim.

We visited Japan as a US military family in the 1970's, traveling to Tachikowa, Tokyo and Kamakura.  Just last October 2010 we visited the old capital city of Kyoto during our month long Asian tour.  My husband and I love Japan for it's simplistic beauty and friendly people.

Obviously, I join the people of the world in praying for the Japanese who are desperate in the face of a triple disaster, the 9.0 earthquake, the resulting force of the tsunami waves and now the breakdown of the country's nuclear power plants. Triple tragedies have happened in a country best prepared to withstand the powerfully significant events, yet the compounded forces of all of them occurring at the same time are overwhelming a grieving nation.  Thankfully, the US military is among the first disaster aid teams on the scene to offer assistance to the population who are dealing with water, food and power shortages.

I'm glad to say I've had the opportunity to visit Japan before March 10, 2011.  There is no doubt the Japanese will eventually recover from the combination natural and man made nuclear disasters now demoralizing the country's people.

Unfortunately, the Japan I will remember may not be the same during my lifetime.  As for the nuclear power plants, the double edged sword of risky energy sources driving Japan's economic success, I doubt these will ever again be functional, but I'm certainly not a scientist.

Worse, the nuclear waste these plants leave behind in the wake of the meltdowns will be a pox on the sculptured Japanese landscape for at least a generation, probably longer.

Our hearts pour out to the Japanese people who are faced with challenges beyond comprehension as the world watches the events of March 10, 2011 continue to unfold.   Thank you US military for being there, helping the Japanese when you can.  Although there is no way to mitigate the destruction of the triple earthquake disasters, our US military presence is symbolic of caring Americans who pray for Japan's well being.



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