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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Who is the New John McCain? Blog Response from Don in Madawaska, Maine

Hi Juliana, (September 3, 2008)

I've been a registered Independent since I first registered to vote over 40 years ago.

Two years ago I would have voted for McCain over anybody else. But that John McCain is AWOL. This new McCain is Bush-lite. It is really quite an odd thing to witness - a principled and honorable man publicly and shamelessly selling his soul for power.

This new McCain has made what I think is a most cynical political choice in selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate. As if women are simple-minded and single-mindedly sexists.
It is also quite an irresponsible choice, given his age and his health. This is not something the John McCain of only a few months ago would have done. It's very sad, disappointing and disillusioning.

It is also quite disturbing that tough questions concerning Palin's qualifications will not be addressed. This, too, is incredibly cynical and, at the very least, anti-American.
And all this while declaring war on Michelle Obama. It is beyond hypocrital.

And it also demonstrates a disturbing lack of respect for the first amendment that the new McCain seems to answer all questions by spouting talking point after talking point.
And it does not bode very well for a free press in this country that we are so easily cowered and manipulated by political operatives.

I am trying to watch the Republican National Convention on TV but I keep switching back and forth between it and America's Got Talent because I cannot bear the hypocrisy of the GOP speakers promising to balance the budget and blaming the Democrats for the deficit. They are promising affordable health care and now they're also Green, of all things. The crowd is eating it up. What's wrong with those people? Where have they been for the past 8 years? So, I'm switching back and forth because I just cannot take the bs in bigger doses. America's Got Talent is really stupid but at least the freaks are sincere.

It's almost as if the GOP has absolutely no sense of irony.



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