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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Duty of the Free Press - Patriotism

John McCain whined all over the media today about the harsh treatment he says his unqualified vice presidential running mate is receiving. This candidate is a sympathetic figure who is intent on running on stereotypes rather than on the merits of her experience.

Is this the media's fault?

I believe it is the media's moral obligation to uncover all there is to know about Ms. Palin because this is exactly the same and equal treatment all other candidates received, especially Hilary Clinton. So, Ms. Palin, if you want to be equal to all other women, then stand up and take the heat like a Mrs. Clinton.

In countries less free with rampant censorship of the press, journalists find places to hide out for the sake of getting to the truth. Think of the French Resistance during World War II and other brave journalists who risked their reputations and lives for the sake of truth. We need journalists to ask Ms. Palin the right questions.

My two questions are these. (1) Did Ms. Palin engage in supporting a secessionist movement in Alaska? and (2) Is Ms. Palin a creationist - person who believe God created the world in 7 days?

Can somebody in the free press please tell me how to get Ms. Palin to answer those two questions?

If Hilary Clinton had participated in a secessionist sect as First Lady of Arkansas, would it be something the media would investigate? If Hilary Clinton were a creationist, would she be drilled about her views? Hell, yes!

So, forget about sexism. We're talking about equality here.

It's the responsibility of all the media, including all bloggers, liberals, conservatives, independents, socialists and creationists, too,- to ask the tough questions. Most important, it's John McCain's job to stop whining but, instead, tell us why he should be president of the United States and how qualified he believes Ms. Palin is to take over his job in the event of his death while in office.

A leader of patriotic intentions should care enough about America to leave a competent succession plan for the country he loves.



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