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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Independent Voter - Responds from New Jersey - Giving Thoughtful Consideration

To Julie from Al, Esq., in New Jersey:

I am registered with one of the two big parties, but I think I vote
independently. I think I am one of those independents, who are mentioned in
the media as being important to the outcome of elections.

I was concerned about Obama's lack of experience. I wondered
whether he just made a good calculated guess in saying he was against the
Iraq war at the outset or really wise. I analogized his taking that
position to the doctor who writes "boy" in his chart when he sees his
pregnant patient but tells her it will be a girl. Then when the baby boy is
born and the patient questions the doctor, the doctor says, "I didn't say it
would be a girl; I said it would be a boy. I even wrote that in my chart."
If it was a girl, the patient would happily say, "My doctor said it would be
a girl!" If the war had been swift and successful, would it have mattered
what Obama had said early on?

Then this past summer Obama came out against releasing oil from the
reserves when both McCain and Clinton said oil should be released to deal
with the oil prices. I began to think that Obama is a wise man and the
position he took on the Iraq was not a lucky guess.

I watched his entire speech (actually the re-run at 2:00 am because I
had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for the speech to come) and thought
he did a superlative job in all ways. I pretty much decided that I will
vote for Obama, barring something crazy (I am still an independent).

I don't think the political pundits know anything. 50 out of 50 (not 38
or 42 out of 50 . . . all 50) said that Dewey would beat Harry Truman. The
Chicago Tribune even printed the results that way after the voting was
fairly complete. But Harry won handily. It was not a result of sitting
back and waiting for the election. It was the result of campaigning
tirelessly, giving 10-12 speeches a day to everyday people.

That's what Obama has to do. His thoughtfulness, wisdom, clear thinking,
forward thinking, apparent leadership ability, ability to inspire, etc. will
shine through.

My biggest problem is with the notion of national "guaranteed" health
care. It is too complex a matter for the federal government to mandate to
all. I am very concerned about the cost. I wish it were otherwise, but if
everyone has a "right" to health care, is it the Chevy version or the
Cadillac version? Everyone thinks its the Cadillac to which they would be
entitled. But Cadillacs are very expensive.

I like Obama. I am concerned about the Democratic party. Not that I
like the Republican party either. I like the good candidates. Not the
parties, I guess.

No pollsters have asked me yet what I think about the candidates.




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