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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Friends Send Comments - John in Salem New Hampshire

Never before have I received more comments than the ones in response to Governor Sarah Palin's pick by Senator John McCain to be his unqualified vice-presidential nominee. (Check blog "Palin is a Karl Rove Trick")

Indeed, I qualify Ms. Palin's choice for Vice President.

It's my blog and that's how I really feel.

Some friends, however, don't agree with my zealous outrage.

John in Salem New Hampshire had several thoughtful comments he permits me to post here:

September 3, 2008:
Dear Julie,
You really are rather harsh in calling her (Palin) a Karl Rove creation. No, I think that she is a John McCain choice. He is not a big fan of Rove, nor Rove of McCain. McCain admits that he often makes quick choices and then lives with the consequences. That is refreshing for neither George W. Bush nor Ronald Regan would admit that they were ever wrong, let alone want to bear the consequences of their mistakes.
You are right in saying that she is quite under qualified to step in if McCain should die in office. On the other hand, she is not some bimbo or Barbie Doll. She is what she is, a one-term governor of a rural, but rich, state, a mother of five and a wife, and a reformer in the McCain mold. As the Europeans say, anything is an improvement over Bush/Cheney.

September 4, 2008:
Dear Julie,
Given the church that she (Palin) attends and one of her statements, she probably is a creationist. That is sad, but as long as she doesn't foist that view on others, she is not dangerous. I don't think that McCain would take that position. As far as her being a secessionist, the reports that I have read say that it was her husband who was part of such a group, not her. Surely you wouldn't want a woman to be tarred by her husband's mistakes, would you?
Right now, I may find myself in the same position that I did four years ago, which is that there is no one that I can support for president. Do we kill a million unborn or do we kill 100,000+ Iraquis, let the poor go hungry and the uninsured die early, and reward greed and lies? What is the lesser of two evils? As an American, I an insulted by the choices that I have. We have a Republican party that is sold to the business and military industrial powers, and we have a Democratic Party that is sold to business interests, to certain unions, and to post-modern morality. Where are the Eisenhower, Scranton and Rockefeller Republicans? Where are the Jimmy Carter, Bobby Kennedy and George Meany Democrats? I wish that I were in Pennsylvania where at least I could vote for Bob Casey, Jr. for senator (actually not for another four years).
Peace, John


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