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Friday, January 12, 2018

Norwegians where are you? They're receiving good health care!

Norway provides universal health care for citizens and residents

Trump reportedly wanted to know why Norway doesn’t send more of its people to the United States~ Norweigian Americans are often reported trying to find ways to emigrate back to the land of their ancestors! (Reported by Paul Thornton in Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump and the greedy Republicans who give away tax cuts for the rich should check out the reason why Norway is not among the nations where residents are seeking to immigrate to the United States. Check out the Norwegian health care system.

The Scandinavian social democracy, as do its two linguistically similar neighbors, has a higher per-capita GDP, life expectancy and, for what it’s worth, “happiness” rating than the United States. It also has universal healthcare, a ridiculously large sovereign wealth fund and top-notch infrastructure.

Governance of Norwegian health care

While health care policy is controlled centrally, responsibility for the provision of health care is decentralised. Local authorities at municipal level organise and finance primary health care services according to local demand. The central Government has overall managerial and financial responsibility for the hospital sector.

All Norway hospitals are run by four Regional Health Authorities (RHA) overseen by the Ministry of Health and Care Services. 

A small number of hospitals are privately owned. However, most private hospitals are funded by the public, and private health insurance is not at all commonplace.
GP (General Practitioner) services

If you are a resident of Norway, an asylum seeker or NATO personnel you are entitled to a fastlege, which is the Norwegian equivalent of a GP / general practitioner. 
Provided thedoctor of your choice has vacancies, you can register with them free of charge, and you change your registration up to twice per year. Each fastlege manages their own appointments system.

99% of Norwegians have registered with a fastlege.

Healthcare in Norway is not free. Residents must pay for all treatment and even a standard consultation with a GP. 

However, once a person reaches an annual limit of expenditure (currently just over 2,000kr), they receive an exemption card which entitles them to free treatment for the remainder of the year. 

Norway's health system ensures that everyone pays a little, but the sick are not burdened with the stress of huge medical bills.

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