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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Safety in the Tennessee legislature

This echo blog published in The Week, defies the common sense law of gravity:

Only In America

NASHVILLE, TN-  Critics of the new policy say it's designed to curb the free speech rights of Tennesseans in the wake of angry protests held last year about immigration, Medicaid expansion and other issues.  Tennessee legislators said they banned "hand-carried signs and signs on hand-sticks because they "...represent a serious safety hazard."

NASHVILLE — As Tennessee lawmakers get cozy in their new digs in a recently renovated state office building (MaineWriter~ who paid for the new "digs"?), they and their visitors will be allowed to bring their guns but must leave any hand-held signs behind.

The policy, which Lt. Gov. Randy McNally of Oak Ridge, Tenn., and House Speaker Beth Harwell of Nashville approved Dec. 14, expressly prohibits “hand-carried signs and signs on hand sticks” because they “represent a serious safety hazard.” 

Both lawmakers are Republicans.

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