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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Republicans are obviously afraid of immigrants

Republicans build fear in people. Why do they fear immigrants?
800,000 young people are at risk of being deported

Fear is the political glue used by Republicans to hold their base together.  Fear about science, the media, global warming and Muslims are paralyzing the brains of Republicans. Many even believe it's against the moral fiber of Republicans to think independently. 

Anti-immigration policies supported by Republicans demonstrate how the party is also fearful of people who are trying to live law abiding lives in America, as immigrants.  

Obviously, Republicans are afraid of immigrants.

  • Gerrymandering election districts has marginalized the voting rights of communities where minority and immigrant groups live.
  • Republicans support massive deportations of law abiding immigrants.
  • Republicans support the Donald Trump plan to ban immigrants from predominantly Muslim nations.
  • Republicans support taking immigrant protection status away from "Dreamers", those children given resident status and potential path to citizenship for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
In fact, Republicans are also trying to dissuade people in Puerto Rico  (American citizens) from voting, as they are fleeing their homes that were ravaged by hurricane Maria. In fact, Puerto Ricans are registering to vote after relocated in Florida and Texas (by choice) and Republicans are fearful about how the Puerto Rico voters will tip the balance to Democrat in gerrymandered voting districts.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Thursday he will seek to mobilize Latino voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, citing the GOP's tax overhaul passed this week.

Rosselló, a Democrat and member of the island's New Progressive Party, argued on MSNBC that the Republican tax plan hurts Puerto Rico's economy.

It's obvious that the Republican fear campaigns are harming the innocent people who are hard working and law abiding immigrants.

Apparently, Republicans don't want immigrants to become American citizens when they have voting rights. But, smart Republicans should embrace immigrants in an effort to create a stronger voting base.  It was the Republican Ronald Reagan who courted Hispanic voters when he extended them immigration amnesty.

Rather than fear immigrants, Republicans should reflect on their own immigrant histories.  Every single one of them has a family immigration story.  They must respect their inherited heritage.

Rather than fear immigrants, Republicans must embrace the power of the diversity and the talents they bring to America. 

Immigrants will "make America even greater again!"

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