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Saturday, July 22, 2017

From Utah- a right to Medical Security health care

We see now that we have a right to health care (Echo from the Salt Lake Tribune) letter to the editor.

Maybe we could call it Medical Security- Wayne Wilson.

WEST JORDAN, Utah- Perhaps the best thing about the Affordable Care Act  (aka: Obamacare) is that it firmly established a "right to health care" in this country; previously we were at the mercy of market forces. However, Republican leadership is having a difficult time swallowing this concept.

The latest proposal by (Utah) Sen. Mike Lee and his buddies will allow the insurance companies to offer several levels of coverage so that people can choose which level they want. This model is doomed to failure as it will take us back to the beginning where people who need coverage cannot get it when they need it.

Health insurance coverage should be considered a future investment much like Social Security: the wealthy, the young and the healthy contribute disproportionally high amounts so that when they grow older or have a health crisis they can still be covered and get the medical attention that they need when they need it.

Maybe we could call it Medical Security.

Wayne Wilson- West Jordan

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