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Monday, July 17, 2017

How many lawyers does it take to defend the White House?

There's a fountain of cash flowing out the White House because practically all the staff are paying retainer fees to a gaggle of lawyers.  How many lawyers does it take to create a hostile and paranoid work environment?  I can't imagine what it's like to work in a job where a lawyer is on retainer for nearly every employee. 
Notwithstanding, the stress caused by loss of revenue due to paying essential representation.

Working in the White House should be a prestigious job. Even the maintenance people enjoy a special resume notice for their service to America's first family.  Instead, with the Donald Trump administration, the jobs in today's White House seem to be like wearing a legal albatross.  I can only imagine the cynicism the current White House employees are facing.  In fact, it's possible they might erase this experience from their resumes.

Nevertheless, even with the high class legal cottage industry flowing in and retainer money seeping out, the low quality of representation doesn't seem to be worth the cost.  For example Jay Sekulow keeps reminding the litany of interviewers who he speaks with about how he represents "the president of the United States", like he needs to remember the name of his employer. Sekulow's marathon appearances on news shows hasn't done anything to improve Donald Trump's credibility.  

Moreover, in my opinion, Sekulow has diinished his integrity with motor mouth, and meaningless responses to questions about Donald Trump, and Russia lies and emails. 
Ty Cobb - a Gabby Hayes reenactor

Newly hired White House attorney Ty Cobb has a new job in the cottage industry. Too bad, he had to sink to this level for employment, because he could've easily kept his self worth protected as a Western stand in on a Gabby Hayes movie sequel.

Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of lawyers are needed to defend the White House, and the administration and staff,  Evidently, those involved in paying the extraordinary retainer fees must protect themselves from each other, as well as from potential crminal shadows caused by the illegal or perjurious activities of their bosses.  

How many lawyers does it take to defend the White House? As many as the staaff can afford. It's possible the lawyers themselves should hire a legal administrator to keep their stories straight and their clients organized.  

Remember that exciting playground the Obama family installed on the White House lawn so their children could play, while their father watched?  Let's make that the legal antechamber. 

In fact, it taks a lot of money to defend the White House, particularly when the boss, Donald Trump, doesn't know what he's doing.

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