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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Senator McConnell isn't answering his mail- so echo this

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others”- Frank Baum "The Wizard of Oz"
Senator McConnell confirmed my suspicions. He really doesn't listen to Kentucky constitents, especially about his "unhealthty" GOP "uninsurance" bill. In fact, one constituent writes about how his phone is likely taken off the hook and his fax lines are clogged (or blocked). In other words, the world could end as we know it and Senator McConnell might have to find out about it until the incendiary incident hits him in the face.

Here's another letter to the editor published in the Lexington Herald Leader (

McConnell lost his heart

LEXINGTON, Ky: Countless people, myself included, cannot get our concerns through to Sen. Mitch McConnell.

His staff never answers, his voice mail is always full and now when I email, that mailbox is full. How can he ignore people?

I saw the picture of the woman with spina bifida who was protesting outside of his office being hauled away by security guards. How can he be so cruel?

I have family members who work full time and depend on the Affordable Care Act. Don’t he and fellow senators depend on the government for theirs?

All of us depend on unpolluted air, water and soil. Does McConnell want to drink foul water? And what about his grandchildren; is it OK with him for them to breathe polluted air?

When McConnell first campaigned for senator, promising to help find missing children like Adam Walsh, he appeared to care about people.

But now he acts like he has no heart and no conscience.

McConnell has the power to seek justice and do great good.

We are depending on him to reverse his heartless course, for the future of humankind.~ Nell Valentine, Lexington KY

This blog is an echo to the list of others published about Senator Mitch McConnell and in opposition to the cruel Republican "repeal" bill that takes 22 + million off of health insurance.

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