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Monday, June 26, 2017

Republicans with health insurance vote others out of coverage

This original letter to the editor was originally published in Daily Bulldog published in Franklin County, Maine. In my opinion, it makes no sense for the Congress, that covers every member with government paid health insurance for themselves and for their families, to impose lack of coverage for their constituents.

Police Remove Disabled Protesters Outside Mitch McConnell’s Office

NEW SHARON, Me- The Republican controlled Senate led by Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, released their draft of the American Health Care Act, (aka "BCRA) which is intended to replace the the existing Affordable Care Act (aka the popular "Obamacare"). 

Polls show that a majority of Americans are in opposition to the Republican controlled House version of this legislation, and with good reason. There is no guarantee of coverage for preexisting conditions- even the "high risk pool" is inadequately funded with no assurance of how it will be reimbursed; Medicaid would be cut by over $800 billion; programs like Planned Parenthood would be defunded; and insurance premiums are expected to go up, not down. All of these cuts are deemed (by Republicans) as necessary to fund an enormous tax break for some of our wealthier citizens. In fact, President Barack Obama calls the Republican plan a major shift in economic wealth, a cut in taxes for the rich while the middle class and poor take on the expense of paying for their own health care.

People in both political parities are justifiably outraged at the secret process by which the Senate came up with these cuts to healthcare.

What are you going to do about it? 

We could take a lesson from the courageous activists with disabilities, who staged a peaceful demonstration outside Senator McConnell's office today in Washington DC. 

Capitol police removed the demonstrators, handcuffing some people in wheelchairs and carrying others out by force. These demonstrators are some of the American citizens who stand to lose the most from the proposed Medicaid reductions, and they were willing to face injury and arrest to make their point. 

We should all be humbled and inspired by their leadership.

Henry Washburn
New Sharon- Maine

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