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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Senator Mitch McConnell must hear when Kentucky speaks!

Frankly, it was surprising to find Senator Mitch McConnell as a target of his state's constituents during my Internet cruising to find interesting "letters to the editor", for my blogging into cyberspace. 
Honestly, it's become a hobby of mind to give echo to letter writers who are inspired to make their voices public in the news media. It's real news from real people!

BREAKING! In the case of the Lexington Herald Leader, a major Kentucky newspaper, what I read and therefore re-blobbing, are a litany of horrors for Senator Mitch McConnell. Although the Senate Majority Leader talks about getting a Republican Obamacare repeal bill passed, he clearly appears to be deaf to what his constituents are writing about him in the Lexington Herald Leader.

LEXINGTON, Ky- Karen Hall succinctly writes: "'McConnellcare' is immoral. Something is wrong when the poor give to the rich. Where are the Christians?"

Another Breaking!- from Springfield, Kentucky: "
I saw on the nightly news Sen. Mitch McConnell trying to justify the Senate version of McConnell/Trumpcare, saying 'Americans need relief now'. Relief now? Is he referring to the 22 million men, women and children in jeopardy of losing their health care or the tens of thousands of dollars in tax breaks the richest Americans will gain by the bill’s passage? It’s a curious statement from a man whose own health insurance for over 30 years has been paid by some of the same people whose health care he so flippantly wants to take."
From Bob Sutton, Springfield, Kentucky.

Can’t dress up GOP plan "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky just revealed his new health-care plan showing Republicans how to put lipstick on a pig." from Judy Rembacki, Georgetown KY

I absolutely love this clever tongue in cheek Brian Delisle, an op-ed writer who could work for political comics:

LEXINGTON, Ky: Sen. Mitch McConnell is working hard to make Kentucky No. 1.

Did you know the state only ranks sixth with the lowest life expectancy? And although it is the fifth-fattest, fourth-most sedentary, first with most smokers, fourth-most diabetic, among the poorest and least employed, he knows we need to start dying sooner if we have a shot of overtaking Mississippi for the No. 1 spot.

Unfortunately, Obamacare undercut our chances. Hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians were suddenly entitled to new life-saving or prolonging treatment for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and drug/tobacco addiction.

Making matters worse, payment to the Kentucky hospitals skyrocketed, resulting in thousands of new jobs with health-care benefits.

Thankfully McConnell is ramrodding Trumpcare through the Senate. It will eliminate health care for more than 200,000 Kentuckians on Medicaid, and it will lead to the loss of health-care jobs throughout the state. That will accelerate the number of Kentuckians dying sooner from preventable and treatable diseases, as well as drug addiction.

Please join me in thanking McConnnell for his vision to make Kentucky No. 1. He and his millionaire buddies certainly deserve the $45,000 tax break that is part of the deal.

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