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Friday, June 09, 2017

Donald Trump's impending breakdown

Under the headline of "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into", Donald Trump announced today that he won't be upstaged by former FBI fired director James Comey, who captivated the nation during the June 8, widely broadcast Senate intelligence hearing, about why he was fired. 

 Rather than see Mr. Comey take higher viewer and listener ratings than what Donald Trump's own January 20, inauguration garnered from audiences, the response has been to try and do one better. 

 Now, Donald Trump wants to be interviewed "under oath" about what he said to James Comey in their 9 private conversations.  Honestly, I suspect someone will have to explain what "under oath" means to Donald Trump, because his only experience with this concept is what he apparently requests, when it comes to demanding loyalty from his subordinates.

This what "testimony under oath" means:

Testimony under oath is a solemn declaration and, if not followed, can result in legal liability for the person testifying. (1) At a minimum, the legal liability that would occur is perjury, also known as false swearing. (2) In order for testimony to be considered perjury, the person testifying must intentionally make a statement (to another) about a material matter at issue that is to be taken as true. Depending on whether the legal proceedings are in a federal or state court (laws vary), the person testifying may be fined, imprisoned or both.  

Frankly, I seriously doubt if Donald Trump understands the implications of what it means to testify "under oath".  Indeed, I suspect his legal team is in a catatonic state at the concept of having Donald Trump testify "under oath".  Obviously, this stupid surprise gesture to respond to James Comey's credible testimony wasn't necessary to Trump's defense. Moreover, based on his history of having a short attention span, Donald Trump is likely to suffer a mental breakdown in the middle of extended questioning.
Attorney Marc Kasowitz, was hired by Donald Trump. He is paid at least $1500 an hour, but he better collect his retainer up front before his client, Donald Trump, goes before a Senate Committee to testify "under oath".  Speaking "under oath" just isn't going to work well for his egotistical client, who was labeled a liar on June 8, by former FBI Director James Comey.

Marc Kasowitz, the private legal counsel who Donald Trump hired to defend him, at the cost of at least $1,500 per hour, must be beside himself with consternation about having his client testify before the American people while "under oath".  As a matter of fact, I would advise Marc Kasowitz to collect his retainer before resigning, because he knows, as well as anybody, that Donald Trump is incapable of telling the truth. 

Truth just isn't a word that fits with Trump's needy ego.

Having Donald Trump testify "under oath" is like asking Groucho Marx to reveal the secret word of the day on his old 1950's television quiz show, "You Bet Your Life". 
You Bet Your Life, TV show with host Groucho Marx

Whenever a show's contestant said the secret word, a weird duck would fall from above the set and dangle in front of the audience, while swinging from a string. In other words, knowing the secret word was inviting a lame duck into the quiz game.  It was a stupid gimmick and always threw the contestants off guard.

Donald Trump is incapable of telling the truth.  It's more likely that a duck will dangle from a string, like an albatross, in a Donald Trump hearing where he speaks "under oath", than it is to expect him tell the truth. Trump will always work toward keeping his inquisitors off guard by providing diversionary responses. 

More likely, of course, is that Donald Trump will have a mental breakdown if he is forced to confront the truth. 

In other words, Groucho Marx encore.

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