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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Lessons learned from James Comey

Donald Trump's "A Tweet Too far"...the one where he threatened James Comey with the possibility of audio taped interviews the two men had in one-on-one discussions. Today, in an open Senate intelligence hearing that was braodcast on all networks and radio, it was James Comey who called for Donald Trump's audio tapes to become public. Where are the Trump audio tapes? In a parrellel issue, the memoranda James Comey wrote to detail the difficult confersations with Donald Trump are in the possession of the lead investigator James Mueller.  
It was not "OK" for Donald Trump to clear the room to speak one-on-one with James Comey- said Senator Susan Collins

Indeed, Donald Trump is in a world of political hurt. 

None of the Republicans on the Senate investigating committee hearing on June 8, defended Donald Trump, not one.  

Although there was push back on "obstruction of justice", the fact is, the Republicans realized how Donald Trump over extended his authority and behaved inappropriately during interviews with James Comey, who was heading the FBI, the investigating agency charged with finding the root cause of how Russia hacked the US 2016, election, and will do so again.

This is what James Comey, now a private citizen after Donald Trump abruptly fired him, taught us during his public hearing:

1.  Donald Trump lied about the interviews he had with James Comey.  In fact, based on how Mr. Comey perceived the anticipated lies, he even documented the conversations the twomen had, in detail. Obviously, Comey detailed up to 9 conversations because he knew, from intelligence sources, that Donald Trump lies a lot.  

In fact, James Comey requested not to be left alone with Donald Trump after he felt uncomfortable in at least one of the "one-on-one" meetings.  Senator Susan Collins agreed with James Comey about it not being "OK" for Donald Trump to clear a meeting room for the purpose of speaking one-on-one with Comey.

2.  American intelligence agencies are unanimously in agreement that Russia did, absolutely, interfere with the 2016 presidential election. There is no ambiguity about this now well documented fact. Moreover, Russia doesn't care if the candidates being hacked are partisans, because their purpose is to disrupt the democratic process.

3.  For reasons still not known, Donald Trump is obsessed with ending the Russia investigation by discrediting Americans- like James Comey.  Trump tried to protect Lt. Gen. Flynn from an FBI investigation, after it was revealed how Russia had already compromised the former National Security Directer and retired Senior Army Officer!

4.  Several times, the word "dossier" appeared in today's open intelligence committee questioning. This word refers to a document revealed by Britain intelligence, MI6, that contains salacious information about sordid activities Donald Trump may have engaged in during his time hosting the Miss Universe Contest, in 2013, when it was held in Moscow.  It's a bad omen, anytime the words "salacious" and "dossier" are used in reference to Donald Trump. During the James Comey interview, the word "dossier" was brought up several times. In fact, Comey used the word "salacious".
No Republican defended or followed up the discussion when the word "dossier" was mentioned. Therefore, the salient message learned in this particular piece of intelligence was that the dossier exists, and is likely relevant to the reason why Donald Trump is now compromised by Russia.

5.  This was a very bad day for Republicans because James Comey was a credible witness who presented thoughtful and forthcoming, voluntary information.  In fact, it was an even worse day for Donald Trump.  So bad, in fact, that Donald Trump started quoting the Bible during his speech in Ohio, scheduled after the morning Senate hearing.  This, from the man who couldn't pronounce the Biblical word "Corinthians" less than a year ago.  

In summary, James Comey taught Americans today that Donald Trump is totally unqualified to be the leader of the United States. Comey spoke to all Americans and responded to questions without partisan bias. 

Those are the truths learned. 

When Donald Trump told the world in a "Tweet"
that there may be audio tapes of his one-on-one discussions with James Comey, he finally wrote "A Tweet Too Far".

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