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Friday, June 16, 2017

A President under investigation puts administration at risk

Trump says he is under investigation for firing James Comey- ABC News

Officials who served on Trump's transition team have been instructed to preserve all documents that could be pertinent to the Russia investigations conducted by Congress and the special counsel.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein privately signals to colleagues he may have to recuse himself from Russia probe- Daily News

Is it possible the blind scales of justice will truly save the United States of America from an executive branch implosion, by indicting Donald Trump and forcing an impeachment?

America must remove, by Constitutional methods, the unstable tyrant, Donald Trump, as soon as possible. And, the Trump administration must, likewise, resign.

So, let me get this right? I'm obviously not a lawyer, but watching television news and following Twitter, makes me feel more confident about my judicial opinion. Here's what I think:

If Attorney General Jefferson "Jeff" Sessions can't prosecute Donald Trump for obstruction of justice because he removed himself from the Russia investigation; and now the Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ponders whether or not he must also recuse himself for whatever reasons, then who is qualified to indict Donald Trump, for obstruction of justice? 

In fact, the entire investigation will have to go to the Congress for enactment of Articles of Impeachment, where the trial then goes before the people. Meanwhile, anything can happen to harm America while this political tragedy, wrapped in espionage, continues. As this stomach turning continues, Americans are abandoned, like dingy boats without paddles, lacking competent political leadership. In fact, politically speaking, the United States of America, at this time, is heading directly for a catastrophic governmental "iceberg".  We won't need to look for extraterrestrial forces to destroy our nation. In fact, there's no more need for SETI sites (Search for Extra Terrestrials), because plenty of internal stresses are in place, right now, to dismantle our nation's unity. 

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has privately admitted to colleagues that he may have to recuse himself from the ongoing federal probe into whether any associates of President Trump coordinated with Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 race, ABC News reported Friday.

Although Rosenstein hasn't yet requested Justice Department attorneys to provide him their legal opinion about a potential recusal, it is reported that he has spoken, in recent weeks, with Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, his own deputy, about the possibility of her taking on his responsibilities as the top overseer of the Russia probe, ABC News reported.

I'm a non-lawyer who stands watch, while the political news unfolds, and growing anxiety about the future is consuming our national energies, In my opinion, all of Donald Trump's administration must be directed to find their legal life preservers and search for the safety boats.  

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