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Sunday, May 14, 2017

FBI director was fired just because you can: But to hire is not so easy

Rose Mary Woods was a secretary and gatekeeper to President Richard Nixon. She made a "horrible mistake" by accidentally erasing 18 plus minutes of President Nixon's recorded conversations with his aide Halderman. Now, Donald Trump is also alluding to having oval office tape recordings. Obviously, Donald Trump has learned nothing from the mistakes of the past. Who knew? Perhaps the ghost of Mrs. Woods (1917-2005) is still lurking to help him out?

There's an old vaudeville joke about how easy it is to die.  

"Dying is easy.  Comedy is hard!"

In fact, firing an FBI director, like Donald Trump did when he embarrassed James Comey with his rude and unprofessional dismissal of a competent leader, was the easy part of the equation.  Now, hiring somebody to replace James Comey will be much more difficult.

Donald Trump must learn what it's like to be public humilated for the way he dismissed FBI Director James Comey. Now, the FBI director is in a position to return the humiliation. He has requested to be interviewed by the Congressional committees that oversee his former jurisdiction but to do so in public. In response, Donald Trump has threatened to release audio tapes of their communications. It's a laughable response. Indeed, if Donald Trump has audio tapes recorded from his conversations with James Comey, as he inferes through veiled Twitter threats, then these are subject to subpoena. Brng them all on just like Watergate. (Where is Nixon's secretary Rose Mary Woods when Trump might need her secretarial transcription services? Unfortunately, the lady died in 2005, in Ohio. God Rest Her Soul.)

Firing the FBI director James Comey was easy.  Humiliating him was despicable.  But, hiring somebody to replace him will be difficult to do.

So far, the list of potential candidates looks bleak, in my opinion. None of the cafeteria plan presented to the press as possible replacements is of the stature of James Comey.
The Trump administration is looking to fill the job, which requires Senate confirmation, after Trump abruptly fired Director James Comey on Tuesday.

Time Magazine 

Reported that the first candidate to arrive was Alice Fisher, a high-ranking Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration. She left after about an hour and a half inside the building and declined to comment to reporters.

Although I have no tremendous liking or dislike for James Comey, I have always respected his position at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Therefore, I pray he will use his credible stature to bring light to an otherwise dismal series of circumstances that eventually led to his abrupt dismissal.

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