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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lt. General Flynn - What I think about ambiguous patriotism

Dear Lt. General Flynn, all while you are receiving United States Army retirement health and pension benefits, you were also meeting with foreign nations and even being paid to represent the government of Turkey

As an expert in world history, as I'm confident you are, I am absolutely sure you're knowledgeable about the life and times of
Vidkun Quisling.  Recall, if you will, how this Norwegian officer and diplomat was also "ambiguous" about his national and foreign allegiances.
A black and white photographic portrait of a man aged around thirty, looking slightly to his left. He is dressed in a dark suit and tie; his hair is neatly combed into a parting.
Vidkum Quisling (1887-1945)

As an American citizen who contributes money to all of your various U$ dollar salaries, this is what I have to say to you:

1. There must've been times in your military career when subordinates came before you who had served in other nation's military, like, for example, in Israel or the Philippines. When these active duty officers or enlisted came before you for advancement, I know you were cautioned about their patriotism and thereby had to factor their previous service into your decision to pass them over for advancement. So, therefore, why would we be be less considerate of your double "foreign agent" representations, than a military person who had served for foreign nations?

2. You lied to Vice-President Pence about your communications with Russia and even withheld information about representing Turkey's government as a "foreign agent". Therefore, it stands to reason you have lied about other things, as well. That's the way liars work. You're forced to tell more lies, to cover up those told in the past.

I do not not believe you are an American patriot, at all. In fact, I recommend having your passport withheld, to prevent you from doing even more damage to our national security.

Moreover, you owe Vice President Pence an apology for telling him to lie on your behalf, to the national media.  

It's terrifying enough to have our President lie about illegal wire tapping by a former president. But, when senior military like you are also caught telling lies, the era of "Quisling era revived" is even more petrifying to ponder.  

"Ambiguous patriotism" is a euphemism, as described above.

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