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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Emoluments Clause in one picture - here's what it is

A picture describes an otherwise complex legal concept.

In other words, Donald Trump and his large family, all benefit financially from the power they have been authorized by carrying the Trump name, because Donald Trump was elected to the office of President. Although the family can participate in corporate ventures and receive profits, by law, Donald Trump cannot, especially when the money comes from foreign governments. Moreover, Trump must divest his business interests. This Constitutional law has never been challenged because every prior president (many of them were also wealthy men) never openly violated this important statute. Until now.

But, we'll see if the Constitutional intention of this untested law, as it was included in the original language by the authors, will hold up in court.

The Washington Post reports: A liberal watchdog group filed a lawsuit against President Trump, alleging he’d violated a previously obscure provision in the Constitution, the “Emoluments Clause.”

The watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said that the clause prohibits Trump-owned businesses from accepting payments from foreign governments.

They asked a court to stop Trump’s businesses from taking them now. “This cannot be allowed,” the group wrote in its legal complaint.

What I sincerely don't understand is how anybody who voted for Donald Trump can look at the picture posted in this blog, and still accept the reality of watching his entire family reap financial benefits from the tax payer subsidized President of the United States.  

Moreover, those who voted for Donald Trump, the so called "Red States" blue collar workers, many of them unemployed, will never achieve the wealth enjoyed by the Trump family. It won't ever happen, unless one of those voters happens to win a substantial sum of lottery monies.  Nevertheless, those who voted for Donald Trump maintain that he needs a chance to prove himself.  They believe he will make America great again.  But, obviously, those same voters could also check their genealogies. Maybe, by some random chance, one or two of them might fit into the extended "Emoluments Clause" definition, a new way to define a political family tree. "Trump Corp. = We make money off of daddy's name.)

Of course, Donald Trump stands to receive a windfall of monies when he's out of office, because any revenues sequestered on his behalf from his corporations will land like a Niagara Falls of profits into his bank accounts.  By then, it's possible the Emoluments Clause statute of limitations might have expired. In the absence of any prosecution, the money will be his and, like the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Donald Trump will legally be able to line his Trump Tower pyramids with his legacy.



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