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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debates NIX Trump's PIX

Secretary Clinton's debate demeanor was pretty, bright, smart, accurate, smiling, and lovely.
On the other hand, Trump was grumpy and unprepared.
PIX tell the tale of the NIXed Trump performance

(Variety headline clairvoyance- July 17, 1935)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during their presidential debate on September 26, 2016 (CNN screenshot)TOPSHOT-US-VOTE-DEBATE-PREPARATIONS

Body language nixed Trump in the 
September 26th debate 2016!

Clinton was head and shoulders better than Trump. She was, unsurprisingly, very well prepared — using a slew of facts and figures to not only make her positive case but also to slam Trump. She was terrific in bashing Trump on taxes. Her response to Trump's attack on her temperament — the shoulder shimmy! — was effective. Her birtherism response — while low-hanging fruit.

Whoever made the call at networks to keep Trump and Clinton on screen at all times during the debates did a good job! Debates are aimed at revealing not only policy proposals but also personality and temperament. Split screens help illuminate who these people are when under duress and attack, when they are nervous and when they feel backed into a corner. Trump didn't fare as well as Clinton with the split screen. He sighed, made faces and looked, well, not very presidential.

Trump just wasn't prepared well enough for this debate. 
(Blame here goes to Kellyanne Conway and his personal trainer "Chumlie- Bannon").

Regularly, Trump struggled to deal with questions he had to know were coming. His answer on his five-year quest to show that President Obama was not born in this country was like watching a car accident in slow motion. His answer on why he wasn't willing to release his tax returns wasn't much better. 

Moreover, Trump's explanation of his position on the Iraq War not only ran counter to the facts but made very little sense. On temperament, perhaps the key to Trump's chances of beating Clinton, he resorted to insisting he had one of the best temperaments and that Clinton had come unhinged in a speech over the weekend. (Sidebar: If you have to say you have one of the best temperaments, you probably don't.) 

Let's say right off the bat that what Howard Dean, a former presidential candidate and governor of Vermont (and a physician), suggested is totally and completely unsubstantiated. Donald Trump says he doesn't even drink alcohol, and no journalist has ever found evidence otherwise.

But from the moment Trump took the stage for the first presidential debate, viewers couldn't help but notice something: He was sniffly. In fact, The Post's Gillian Brockell counted Trump sniffed at least 27 -- wait, 28 -- times since the debate began 90 minutes ago. (And that tally will likely go up by the end of the debate. We will update.)  On twitter, this "Trump tic" developed a hashtag #Pinocchio_blow_your_nose.  Nevertheless, there must be a physiological reason why Donald Trump is unable to overcome this irritating public speaking tic.

Although the October 26, Presidential debate was focused on substance, the use of the split screen coupled with Donald Trump's irritating grimaces and sniffles, countered the content and distracted from the issues.  

Clearly, the pretty lady, smiling, highly prepared Secretary Hillary Clinton won the first Presidential debate, proving she is qualified by leadership, education, experience and temperament to be elected leader of the free world. 

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