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Friday, May 13, 2016

Concrete reasons for Republicans to dump Trump - begining with "liar"

It's tragic to realize how Donald Trump seems to continue evading the political door behind which he is hiding- his taxes are not ready, he has dual identities, non-exisstant political policies- he's a bumper sticker candidate, with a history as an experienced conspiracy theorist.  I can't imagine what political person would want to be associated with Trump "the liar".
liar liar pants on fire photo:  fe6ff96d.png
Americans can't elect a leader of the free world who is a confessed serial philanderer and admitted liar
"Donald Trump once played impressionist with a reporter — passing himself off as his own public relations spokesman and waxing poetic about his stellar ethics and appeal to women..."  (Liar...liar...pants on fire!)
Dumping Donald Trump should be the equivalent of a political "no brainer", because he's clearly not  qualified to lead the free world. As a matter of fact, Trump is the antithesis of the Right Wing Moral Majority's image of a presidential candidate. 

Nevertheless, for the most bizarre of reasons, none of them rational, there's a frenzy of obsessed Republicans who see Donald Trump as their "Führer". "He'll make America great again," just like Adolf Hitler said he would do for Germany. 

As a matter of fact, making Germany "great again" involved two devastatingly deadly World Wars, the annihilation of the nation's major cities plus the eternal stigma of genocide after the Nazis murdered six million jews, along with gypsies, homosexuals, Seven Day Adventists, intellectuals and Roman Catholics. 

So, for the concrete thinkers in the zealous misguided group of right wing voters who somehow believe Donald Trump, here are a few "no brainer" reasons to reconsider blinded wrong mindedness about Donald Trump- he's a liar:

1. Donald Trump talks through his ass, because his brain can't function normally. For example, Trump was pro-choice, now he's pro-life; he wants to ban all Muslims from enering the US, but maybe he'll let a few in, afterall; he'll eliminate Obamacare, the only health insurance plan many Americans have ever had, but he has no plan to replace it.....and on, and on....yaddda, yadda...duplicitious lies. Trump is "liar-lair-pants on fire!"

2.  Donald Trump is a serial philanderer. In fact, he has admitted to infidelity. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump's sexual bravado has been broadcast via his multiple personality ego named "John Miller" when he called a TV show, under a presumed name, lied about who he was, then he claimed he never said who he said he was, but, who  knows "who's on first"? Yup, Trump is a "liar-lair-pants on fire!"

3. Donald Trump says he'll build a wall to protect the US from illegal Hispanic border crossings through Texas and the Southwest. Yet, no way will Mexico pay for the wall. Instead, the international trade with Mexico will suffer, millions of people will be economically impacted and the resulting fiscal crises will cause a humanitarian disaster. In other words, Trump can't get Mexico to pay for a wall and that's the end of the story.  Again, Trump is a "liar-liar-pants on fire!"

4. Donald Trump says he "loves" women, but he called Rosie O'Donnel a "fat pig" and he has an ongoing obsession about intimidating the FoxNews anchor Megyn Kelly. Imagine that! Trump is a "liar-liar-pants on fire"! He loves to "own" women, but they are his sexual trophies.

5.  Donald Trump was the lead conspiracy theorist who fueled the "birther" movement, that conspiracy that failed to prove President Obama was born in Kenya.  In fact, President Obama was born in Hawaii.  Nevertheless, truth didn't matter as Donald Trump persued a validation of his "birther" lie.  About "birtherism",  Donald Trump was "liar-liar-pants on fire"!

6.  Donald Trump claims he'll make America great again, but he has no public policies.  In other words, there are no Trump policies. Rather, he just makes things up. Trumponian policies are lies. Politically, he is a "liar-liar-pants on fire"! He stands for nothing.

Republicans who are determined to blindly follow the Donald Trump "pied piper", will find themselves held up to history for the purpose of defending their misguided legacies. 

Those who follow Donald Trump will have to explain to history how it was that they knowingly supported a candidate to lead the free world who was proven to be a "liar liar pants on fire".



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