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Friday, December 04, 2015

Republicans waste time and money but won't pass progressive policies

It's impossible to explain. America's Republicans (aka "the stupid party) preach a pro-life policy but they are anti-gun violence regulations. This kind of illogical policy making is beyond explanation, like saying 2 plus 2 equals somthing other than four.

In other words, guns + amunition somehow do not equal death. Bizarre Republican logic.  Neverthless, Republicans waste political time and money trying to defund Planned Parenthood, when the agency provides health care for women, and relish vote after wasted time vote to repeal Obamacare, when millions of people receive healthcare as a result of having this coverage. This illogical logic isn't pro-life. Rather, it's wrong minded, wasteful and regressive for the human condition.

Meanwhile, Republicans also support waging a world war against the evil ISIS, or Islamic State, in Syria and Iraq, but they won't suggest a way to pay for how to win.  

Republican regressives are obviously stupid, because they've lost their basic arithmetic skills. 

Americans need to understand how destructively regressive the policies are of the stupid Republican pary. In other words, the Republican politics are antiquated. Even if Americans stupidly adopted any of the Republcian policies like elimianting health care for ordinary people, they'd have to invent something else, with which to replace it!

Unfortunately, Republicans find their political fuel from like minded, albeit stupid people.  This stupidity epedemic must be defeated in the voting booth.  Americans must vote for Democrats to lead our nation. Otherwise, the entire world is going to brand Americans as members of the "stupid party".

Americans must vote smart!  Vote for Democrats.  

Vote for smart  Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.  

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