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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

ISIS now emerged in total World at War - US then France now Russia

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

Napoleon led a massive army into Russia in the summer of 1812. Rather than engaging the French in a full-scale battle, the Russians adopted a strategy of retreating whenever Napoleon’s forces attempted to attack. As a result, Napoleon’s troops trekked deeper into Russia despite being ill-prepared for an extended campaign.

Evil ISIS operates on the cocnept of overhwelming fear. Eventually, this destructive emotion bottoms out and the perpetrator of the fear is usually consumed by those who defy it's impact.

Now evil ISIS is taking on Russia.

Well, being evil doesn't make ISIS smart. 

Obviously, the barbarism employed bythe terrorist group is rooted in obtaining power, but taking on Russia is more like history repeating itself. Leaderhip in evil ISIS, whoevever they are, spend too much time quoting the Koran. Instead, they need to read modern history. Anybody who tried to take on Russia in the past 200 years has failed.
Moreover, now evil ISIS has expanded beyond the point of no return. The group has taken down a Russian passenger jet and now is murdering Russians they suspect as being spies. So, Russia will destroy evil ISIS just like they did Napoleon Bonaparte's and Adolf Hitler's mighty armies. 

Of course, evil ISIS won't establish a formal invading army like the French or the Germans, but by attacking Russian interests the terrorist group might as well be setting up trenches on the Eastern Front. It won't work. Although the Russian winter won't do in evil ISIS, the sheer ruthlessness with which Russia will retaliate will decimate the terriroty claimed by the Islamic State (that is no state except for a "state of fear"). Nevertheless, the problem with Russia being involved is also the same as when they were among the Allies in World War II. In fact, Russia took terriroty and didn't leave. President Putin probably relishes the war with evil ISIS because now he has a perfectly good reason to invade, and claim all of the terrorist terriroty and stay there.

So, evil ISIS will be defeated. Hopefully, the implosion will happen very soon. Afterward, just like after World War II, there will be war crimes trials and a new world order.

Yup! The evil ISIS leadership needs to put down those Korans and pick up some 6th grade elementary history books. Go directly to the chapter about the post world war II Nuremburg trials of Nazi criminals.  

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