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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Donald Trump leads GOP regardless of establishment non support

Obviously, from the way the political polls have held up for Donald Trump, the establishment non -support of his nomination just aren't working. When the right wing of the GOP says they don't trust the media, that includes all of them, including the conservatives. Will the right wing trust the New Hampshire Union Leader?

In spite of over the top "Trumponian" analysis about making Mexicans pay for a wall to prevent illegal immigration to mocking a reporter who happens to have a congenital disability, the right wing of the Republican party are using their new best friend Donald Trump, to send the message about what they want and when they want it!  In other words, "none of the above" in the line up of candidates appeals to right wing voters so they must be declaring themselves as political lemmings. Apparantly, radical right wing voters would take their Republican party "over the cliff" and into a mass extinction,  rather than to support a nominee who can lead the free world with integrity. How stupid is that?
Political polls are measuring the most popular presidential candidates, but not necessarily the most electable
Yet, Donald Trump still leads in the popularity polls among Republican voters, although he can't stay ahead of a 30 percent benchmark. (Meanwhile, the first woman to be nominated to lead the free world, Secretary Hillary Clinton, is holding above 50 percent popularity among the Democrats.)

Now, the ultra conservative Union Leader, the New Hampshire oracle of political news that's fit to print, has endorsed Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey to be the GOP nominee, for the state's first in the nation primary (Iowa is a bogus straw poll).  

It's been my experience that a "Union Leader" endorsement is like receiving a political coronation. 

I suspect the Union Leader's publisher, Joe McQuaid, was euphoric to endorse a qualified candidate in the face of the popular carnival barker, Donald Trump. "Let's make America great again" certainly didn't resonate with McQuaid. But, I instinctively know that the fastest way to loose an election in New Hampshire is to compare any ballot measure or candidatee with "New Jersey", and it's a red herring issue. In other words, Governor Christie's "bridgegate" scandal over a lane closure on the George Washington Bridge, could become more of an issue than the candidate's qualifications to run for president. 

Notworthy in the Union Leader endorsement of Christie was how vocal McQuaid was in opposing th FoxNews decision about who would be on the debate stage during the GOP presidential forums (non-debates). Since Christie was downgraded by Fox to stand at the "kids debate", because his poll numbers were too low to qualify for being among the heavies, the Union Leader, no doubt, decided to upstage FoxNews - and, in my opinion, that's a good thing! Frankly, I can't understand how a news network that relies on free speech to spew skewed right wing news can get away with deciding who can speak and when during a presidential forum/non-debate-debate.  

So, it's definitely going to be interesting to see how New Hampshire voters respond to the Union Leader's endorsement of Governor Christie for the GOP nomination. I suspect the endorsement raises the status for both the newspaper and the New Jersey governor. 

A value added, if Governor Christie wins the GOP vote in New Hampshire, he'll also likely be the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election. If that really happens, then the FoxNews stupid debate forumula will prove to be a magnificent failure. 

Nevertheless, the right wing Republican voters are sticking by Donald Trump "the chump" because they do not like any of the others in the GOP line up. 

Of course, a popularity poll can't predict what voters will do in the privacy of their ballot box. Right wing voters may like Trump, but then vote for somebody else, who they think might really win a national election. On the other hand, the right wing voters might also stay home, rather than admit they voted for Donald Trump. Anything is possible given the labile mood of the 2015-16 voters. Unfortunately, the Republican line up of candidates has created a toxic environment among the party's right wing base and it's now branding the entire party as extremist.  

Perhaps the Union Leader could consider endorsing the establishment of a new conservatism and political party. Consider creating a political party whereby Governor Christie or other qualified candidates could run,  without being labeled as racists, extremists, bigots, Islamophobic and religious zealots.  

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