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Monday, November 23, 2015

Just Sayin" - talk about a Mitt Romney presidential nomination

There's some not so secret talk about Governor Mitt Romney being nominated from the floor of the GOP convention to run for president again in 2016, even though he says "no" to this possibility. In other words, Governor Romney can be nominated in a brokered convention. Although he lost the 2012 election to President Obama, many find a Romney candidacy preferable to the line up of current presidential wanna-bees.

Obviously, Republicans are dissatisfied with their line up of candidates and Romney is understandably preferable to "all of the above". None in the current GOP line up are inspiring and most aren't even qualified to be in the line up, at all.

Nevertheless, it's hardly an honor to be nominated to run for President, just because Republican voters don't like the other guys. 

Certainly, a repeat Romney candidacy is at risk for loosing again, but there's a loftier reason to consider, beyond the win-loose probability. Consider the state of an American two party system if the Trump or Carson duo becomes the nominees, selected by the few who might vote for them to be on the 2016 presidential ballot. In fact, the two gentlemen (and let's add Carley Fiorina, for gender diversity) will tank the Republican party. American aren't going to go to the polls to vote for the unlikely trio of Trump-Carson-Fiorina. Moderate Republicans might vote for Governor John Kasich of Ohio, but right wingers will abdicate their voting rights before supporting him. It's difficult to understand their strident reasons, but he's just not a conservative Republican favorite. 

In my opinion, the Republican party will become irrelevant unless Governor Romney takes the risk and runs for President, assuming he'd be nominated in a brokered convention. 

I'm just sayin', although Republicans have used gerrymandering to squeeze their way into winning hundreds of local elections, they're continuing to loose credibility as a political party because they have been unable to demonstrate progressive leadership at any political level. Nevertheless, our democracy begs for a two political party system and Governor Romney may be the one candidate who can keep the Republicans' hopes alive. Otherwise, if any in the line up of GOP wanna-bees are nominated in 2016, the Republican party of Lincoln and Eisenhower will be an endangered species and should consider the possibility of applying for protection from extinction. That said, Romney will most likely loose against the experienced Secretary Hillary Clinton in a general election. Therefore, that's probably reason enough for him to let the 2016 Republican party crash and burn.

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