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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Russian President Putin is a Napoleonic despot

It's difficult to understand how Europeans and the world can put up with Russia's outrageous take over of the Ukraine.  Surely, Europeans are sensitive to how appeasement fueled the ambitions of the Nazi Third Reich.  Now, the Napoleonic ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin is creating deja vu history. Unfortunately, Putin's abuse of the Ukraine's cease fire negotiations are not illusions. 

In fact, Putin delights in international scheming an cheating.  

Putin obviously has has no intention of honoring any cease fire and, in fact, the Ukraine is just a stepping stone to greater ambitions.  

Nevertheless, his ambition and despot goals notwithstanding, my question is how Putin can possible pay for his Napoleonic goals to take over Eastern Europe?  His Russian ruble is essentially junk currency.  Who funds Putin's army?  Surely, his Russian military isn't fighting for free. Okay, suppose they are fighting for free. It won't last. They won't fight long without food or military reinforcements.  But, victories are euphoric. Perhaps Putin keeps taking over Ukraine land just to keep his military motivated. Yet, there simply can't be a stable salary associated with these military campaigns. Frankly, Putin has rubles, but no money.

Evil people have a habit of  surviving, when all indications are they should implode. Putin is a survivor. He was a manager during the Cold War. Now he's President of Russia.

Nevertheless, even Napoleon was a mortal human being.  Napoleon died in 1821, and he's buried in Paris.

Likewise, Vladimir Putin is equally mortal. Eventually, when Russia runs out of money, Putin's supporters will find a way to overthrow his dictatorship. 

Meanwhile, Europe must keep pressuring Putin, so he cannot continue to fulfill his Napoleonic ambitions. There is no alternative.

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