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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Jordanian response to ISIS - Middle East must destroy this evil group

Iraq, Syria and Jordanian military must unite to destroy the evil Islamic State, acronym ISIS.  (Turkey could help, too.)

At this point, with Jordan's King Abdullah in the lead, the United States must support the efforts to mobilize the Islamic nations. 

This is an opportunity for the Islamic nations to become the troops needed on the ground, to augment the relentless anti ISIS air strikes.  

America has a rare opportunity to be heroes against evil, rather than an occupying nation.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, Americans in the Middle East should not be put at risk of capture by ISIS. It's not about being brave. Obviously, America's military have already demonstrated extraordinary bravery in fighting Islamic extremists. It's about keeping the US military out of orange covers with a cowardly black robed executioner standing over them.  

It's only a matter of time before an American military person is captured by ISIS. Rather than allow our American military to be subject to an international media circus that will undoubtedly result in an execution, the efforts should, instead, be in support of Middle East Muslims to defend their own nations. Unless the Middle East unites against ISIS, the evil group risks taking over the region. Subsequently, in the event the Muslims don't respond, the ISIS revenge will become an indescribable regional blood bath.

Jordanian fighter jets dropping bombs on ISIS makes excellent video imagery, but the bombing must be augmented by troops on the ground. Those offensive troops must be from a united Muslim coalition. 

So far, however, the Muslims have retreated into their Medieval tribal community rivalries, rather than unite against their common ISIS enemy. 

Perhaps the US military can educated team building and conflict resolution.....although overcoming centuries of tribal loyalties will likely be challenging, to say the least.  

Nevertheless, military training alone may not be enough. Coalition building is also essential.

Muslims must unit to defend their own cultures against an evil ISIS take over.

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