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Monday, December 22, 2014

Jeb Bush cut Florida taxes because the state is defense money rich

Saying Jeb  Bush is a "tax cutter" is a smokescreen for the former Florida governor's record as a fiscal conservative. In fact, Governor Bush was a smoke and mirrors tax cutting governor because the state is flooded with defense money.  It doesn't take a Cape Canaveral rocket scientist to figure out the Florida economy is flooded with defense money.  

Follow the red dots on this state map to see where the defense money money is:

In comparisom, the state of Maine now has zero military bases because the Brunswick Naval Air Station, in the state's Mid Coast, was relocated to Jacksonville, Florida. As a result, there are zero active duty military bases in New England. Yet, Florida has all the red dots in the attached map. How'd that happen? Obviously, having a brother (George 43) and father (George 41) as Presidents didn't hurt Florida's economy while Jebb Bush was Florida's governor. Surely, the state's magnetism for attracting defense money was nurtured by the family's political umbilical cord.

In other words, Governor Jeb Bush was able to cut taxes in Florida because the state is flooded with tax money from defense contracts.

Governor Bush was not a tax cutter. In fact, he was a tax gobbler!

Democrats must reveal how Governor Bush was able to cut Florida's taxes before the campaign to crown Bush III as US President becomes too involved.  

When Governor Bush hosts his roll out for presidential candidate press conference, I challenge the press to ask three questions (a) How much money in defense contracts did Florida receive in the state's revenue, while he was governor?  (b) How can Mr. Bush claim to be a tax cutter when Florida was a federal tax guzzler?  and (c) How does Mr. Bush respond to President Obama's normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba?  

I suspect Governor Jeb Bush will choke on his answers to all three questions.  

Remember when Florida's Senator Rubio couldn't give up his blinkie water bottle when he gave his national GOP, TV response to President Obama's 2013, State of the Union address? Well, maybe Senator Rubio should loan that water bottle to Governor Bush during his roll out press conference, when he decides to announce his candidacy to become Bush III.  

News media must ask Governor Bush to explain to the American people how it was that Florida elected his brother to be President, before the election 2000 votes were counted? Also, how did it happen that Florida owns the Brunswick (Maine) Naval Air Station, leaving New England defenseless? 

Oh, and don't forget to ask about what's to happen with Cuba, if Bush III is elected?  

Senator Rubio alert! I hope you can get that water bottle ready.

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