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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Evil rampage in Peshawar Pakistan to demoralize entire nation and innocents suffer

Evil Taliban: We Slaughtered 100+ Kids Because Their Parents Helped America. Militants attacked an army-run school in Peshawar claiming the massacre of children is retaliation for U.S.-backed efforts to crush a group that's helped protect Al Qaeda. I suspect this diabolical slaughter is also retaliation against the effectiveness of US led drone strikes against Al Qaeda conducted throughout Pakistan and other places.  

Obviously, Pakistan has been completely ineffective dealing with security in their own nation. Theirs is a failed nation where terrorism grows like germs on a human carcass.

It's a stomach turning sequence of horrors. An evil rampage in Peshawar, Pakistan proves beyond any doubt that the Islamic terrorists must be annhilated soon. Otherwise, Al Qaeda and other radical spin off groups will execute their unbridled heinous slaughters of innocents, without any consideration for the toll their killing takes on civilization. Eventually, unless these attackers are annihilated, they'll continue to build their evil critical mass, like an astrological black hole sucks in energy, until they consume all of us, regardless of where we are.

What else are these disgusting evil doers capable of doing?  

When Islamic Taliban radicals consume innocent children to retaliate against the Pakistan military, what else is left in the evil pot they piss in, as they rampage their gruesome intentions to destroy humanity?

Some Americans have a false sense of protection from this kind of inhumanity. They may feel like our natioal borders protect us from this kind of inhumanity. Those are naive beliefs. We must never forget September 11, 2001, because it can and likely will happen again, in some other, unknown form. That's the reason the Islamic extremists must be annihilated.

Undoubtedly. the victims of terrorism have the most at stake for destroying the perpetrators of the inhuman evil. This violent evil is infecting Islamic nations faster than the Ebola virus is killing innocents in Western Africa. Surely, those who hate terrorists and the horrendous actions they inspire must outnumber those who fall into their evil extremist vortex?  For example, millions of people living in refugee camps in Syria must outnumber those who are protecting evil President Assad in his Damascus, Syrian palace? Certainly, the numbers of innocent people who live in Pakistan outnumber the terrorists. Nevertheless, the extremists are ravaging entire generations and taking their own civilization down with them.  Even the timing of the Peshawar school attacks were deliberate, to coincide with Christian Advent and Christmas. 

Evil works like that.

I don't know how to annihilate Islamic extremists, except to kill them. But, what I do know is this. If these extremist evil doers will stop at absolutely nothing to take down their own civilizations, then we don't want to know what horrors they are creating to kill all the rest of us.

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