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Saturday, December 06, 2014

"Twitter" micro blogging bullies

Twitter should be a benign micro blogging site. After all, how much verbal harm can anybody do in a message that includes 140 spaces, including hash-tags in the letter count? 

Truthfully, hate tweeters do lots of damage, but only if sane thinkers allow them to get away with their relentless prejudicial messaging. In my opinion, a culture of hate tweeters are saturating the micro-blogging twitter site. Moreover, hate trolls are recruiting followers, because the people who are vulnerable to  their messaging will be "blocked" if they can't comply with the bully style.  Therefore, many are socially afraid to oppose the hate messages. Honestly, I've "blocked" more people on twitter than any social networking site. As a matter of fact, I've developed a "take no prisoners" twitter style, whereby "tweet" worms are roped into a conversation with me, and then "slam" blocked (!). They keep feeding me negativity because they're delusional enough  to believe they can outsmart anybody. Well, no one has outsmarted me, yet. 

My twitter expertise is supported when I use words like "tangential" and "delusional thinking", in my 140 characters.  

Real words typically mystify hate spreading twitterzins. Consequently, they try to trump my vocabulary with completely irrelevant issues, just to make me feel overwhelmed. It's bizarre.  Unfortunately, ordinary people are simply trying to learn micro bloggers. As a result, they're inadvertently sucked in by horrid messages. Via my experience, I've developed a thick skinned twitter style. Nevertheless, the faint of heart, or the easily offended, can't deal with this pressure. 

I've been pushing back on outrageous twitter weirdos, but I'm simply one finger in the proverbial "dike" of venomous negativity.  I've been called every conceivable weird and obnoxious twitter name. Obviously, reasonable people can't withstand the relentless barrage of ostracizing names. To be honest, I can't repeat some of what I've been "twitter" named; the label most thrown at me is "liberal"....but, believe me, most of the names are perverse.

My  purpose in writing this blog is to let the world know how reinforcements against twitter bully behavior are vitally important.  Many thoughtful people don't take a 140 character message seriously. Please! We must take these twitter trolls seriously! They're masters at coercing people into their devious networks and infecting those who "follow" with hate messaging. It's hard to believe, but the twitter world hardly cares what is said in 140 characters, so long as the message intimidates the receivers.  Because of his irrational correlation between the subject and content, I've been able to use "big" words to counter the ludicrous concepts.  For example, one twitter message accused me of being a person who hires immigrant shrubbery cutters. My response was "what does immigration have to do with shrubbery?"  Of course, there's absolutely no correlation between shrubbery and immigration, but hate tweeters try to intimidate the thin skinned, which excludes me. Another tweeter said "God does not reward immigration law breakers....", but, my  response was, "Am I talking to God?  I don't think so..."  

Another twitter tactic is to be witty towards the messenger.  For example, most social networkers know DRUDGE REPORT as  a knee jerk right wing blogger. Therefore, on twitter, I've asked if DRUDGE followers are really R2D2 clones, because they sound alike. As a matter of fact, I've created a hash tag (#) #DRUDGER2D2 for responses to this twitter site.

Reasonable people aren't typically inclined to defend against weird people on twitter. Yet, I'm seeking recruits among the thick skinned, those who might push back against infectious right wing rhetoric. We must fight negative social networking, because the right wing hate spewers are gaining momentum, like a bolder rolling down a dry ravine.  We must flood the twitter ravine with push back messages and, in so doing, stop the recruitment of right wing twitter trolls. Otherwise, the negativity on social networks, especially on twitter, will infect illiterate readers, people who simply reply to hate messaging because they're sucked into following those who spew extremism.



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