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Thursday, October 09, 2014

American voters who elect Republicans are being duped the GOP has done nothing to deserve your vote

It's beyond sad to consider how American voters can be so duped by Republicans and vote them into office. All Republicans should be voted out of office.  Obviously, there are good Republicans, but when their political agenda is obsessed with blocking progressive leadership, they must be rebuked.

Republicans have done absolutely nothing to earn the votes of Americans. When asked how Republicans will fix Obamacare, aka Health Care Reform?  They have no solutions except repeal.
Republicans want to privatize Medicare and have practically done so already with Managed Care absorbing profits off of retail products. Republicans want to put money in the pockets of insurance companies rather than have your Medicare dollars spend on paying for a health care benefit earned by hard working people. 

Unfortunately, CNN is reporting how Democrats are finding it difficult to calculate how they can continue to control the Senate.
Well, if the Senate goes Republican, I can't foresee anything but a veto President in the White House. A Republican controlled Senate will generate virtually no progress, our  nation will continue to stagnate because regressive public policies will dominate the debates and President Obama will be known at President Veto. 

Nevertheless, Republicans don't have to control the Senate if all Democrats vote and outnumber the GOP at the polls.  It's absolutely essential for all Democrats to vote their party in the 2014 election!  There's virtually no reason for Republicans to control any branch of our government because there is no evidence of their policies having helped middle class Americans.  

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