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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preventable gun violence in America - stop the madness: where are the pro-life groups?

Pro life groups are eerily silent during the cluster of growing terror, whereby preventable gun violence madness is killing our youth at a rate at least as high as in the war on terror. If right wing conservative religious groups intend to protect life, then they should be demonstrating at gun shops the same way they harass women stressed by unwanted pregnancy who are seeking access to women's health clinics.

Unbelievable, but there's yet another school shooting in Oregon, expanding America's growing litany of preventable deaths by gun violence.  CNN reports:

When the shooting started at her high school near Portland, Oregon, early Tuesday, student Jaimie Infante didn't recognize the sound of the gunshot. She thought maybe somebody had dropped a book.
In reality, a lone gunman had opened fire at the school, killing one student and forcing others to flee. According to multiple law enforcement officials, the shooter was a student at the school. The gunman appears to have died from a self-inflicted wound, the sources told CNN.

There's a seemingly non-stop series of preventable American gun violence with tragic deaths and no end in sight. 

I personally accuse the United States Supreme Court as being accomplices to these crimes. That's because, while states have passed laws to try and prevent these killings, the high court has overruled the preventive initiatives in support of Second Amendment rights, protected by the US Constitution.

Obviously, by their inaction, pro-life groups and the conservative leaning Supreme Court are incapable of correlating public safety with Constitutional gun protection rights. These killings incidents are now a growing public health and humanitarian American crises.

Americans must vote out of office all politicians who are owned by the National Rifle Association, where money backs those who can't seem to stop this increasing violence. Check out the campaign donations to candidates running for political office and hold them accountable for taking actions to reduce the preventable deaths by gun violence.

Meanwhile, pro-life groups must be consistent. If the pro-life groups want to protect life, this means all life as we know it. It's time for pro-life groups to speak up, provide leadership and demand the end to preventable deaths by gun violence.

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