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Friday, January 31, 2014

Syria - We Must Remember the Millions of Victims: FoxNews

It's among the least supported subjects I write about but somebody must remember the millions of victims of the Syrian civil war - especially since the ridiculous peace talks fell apart like an avalanche in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

Syria has an ancient history, but now the country's population is under threat of pandemic diseases (polio outbreaks reported) and genocide because President Assad is now focused on protecting the interest of the Russians, who have set up a puppet government in Damascus.  There's no doubt, if polio has erupted in the Syrian refugee camps, then tuberculosis is also endemic in the population, because sanitary conditions must be deplorable. 

Nevertheless, President Assad sent peace feelers to the Geneva peace talks to help resolve the country's daunting civil war, because he thought, maybe, the nations would give him a pass on regime change.

How can any civilized country give President Assad a pass? He is responsible for the disease, dislocation and death of millions of his own people! 

At the imploded Geneva conference, the two sides discussed humanitarian issues and possible ways to end the violence. They made some agreements on local ceasefires to allow access for humanitarian workers. UN aid chief Valerie Amos said the deals had allowed some aid to get through to a few thousand families.

Oh my, aid to "a few thousand families"? There are more than a million displaced people living in refugee camps, because they fear genocide if they remain in their homes. Many of the displaced people support the Syrian rebels and, sadly, are largely Christians.

FoxNews has been covering the persecuted Syrian Christians.

I must say, I'm not a FoxNews fan, but this is the one subject where I believe this reporting is earning humanitarian kudos. 

FoxNews reports how Christianity began in the East, not the West, yet today Christians in the East are enduring an all-out-assault by Islamic terrorists, while Christians in the West live their lives largely oblivious to it all. This has to change.

This is no imaginary persecution; in Syria alone there have been reports of kidnappings, Christian communities intentionally displaced by militants and, worst of all, shootings and beheadings of Christians who refused to convert to Islam.

In Egypt radicals have recently destroyed dozens of churches, and the once vibrant Christian population in Iraq has been decimated.

In my opinion, the world has abandoned Syrians and President Assad is protecting his mortality by doing whatever the Russians want him to do.  If Putin pulls support for Assad, he's done.

Human nature under stress being what it is, Assad thought he might barter for some deal to allow humanitarian aid to be given to displaced and persecuted Syrians. Assad actually thought he could exchange humanitarian aid for his leadership, presumably, exempt from Russian control. This strategy didn't work, so the talks imploded. Thankfully, the Geneva peace talks won't barter with a leader who is responsible for the murder of untold numbers of his own people through violence and persecution.

Thanks to FoxNews for remembering the Syrian victims of the deadly civil war. It's impossible for President Assad to continue as Syria's leader, because he's a perpetrator of genocide.  

Russia has its own internal problems with domestic terrorism. It's a long shot, but possible President Putin will have to, either, declare war on his own people or resign. Who's going to hold Assad's hand when President Putin is distracted or gone?

Who cares what happens to Assad? He's a man who wants to barter the humanitarian aid to his own people to save his presidency.

Meanwhile, millions of Syrians, inheritors of thousands of years of history and culture, will never know peace or be able to claim what they lost during this horrific civil war.

We must remember to care about these tragic people.

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