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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Springsteen Obsession and Governor Christie Bridgegate

There was a time when Governor Chris Christie's obsession with the rock icon Bruce Springsteen was a curiosity. So, what's unusual for a grown man to attend 130 concerts with his favorite rock performer? I guess the Governor could afford to buy a lot of Springsteen's expensive show tickets.

Nevertheless, this teenage era Springsteen obsession has taken a politically damaging turn. Springsteen must be truly fed up with his obsessed fan's mishandling of the George Washington Bridge lane closings, where hundreds of people were put in an avoidable traffic jam on September 11, 2013. Moreover, Springsteen proved it by performing a parody on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Now, Governor Christie's idol has turned on him like a voodoo doll.

We can assume, by this turn of entertainment events, that Bruce Springsteen saw through Governor Christie's immature obsession. One has to wonder about the stability of someone who harbors such an obsession. Most famous people pay attention to high profile fans but, apparently, Springsteen had little to say to Governor Christie. As a matter of fact, it took the intervention of President Obama post the Hurricane Sandy disaster for Springsteen to contact Governor Christie. I seriously doubt this conversation lasted very long. Now, following the Late Night parody, it's highly likely the two men will ever speak again. Certainly, Springsteen doesn't much care about his future relationship with the governor. Yet, Governor Christie must feel like he's been stabbed in the gut. He took a lifetime for Governor Christie to have one conversation with Springsteen and now the super rock star has left an eternally public opinion of his true opinion about the Governor.

Check Bruce Springsteen's official web state to see where The Boss placed his duo performance video with Late Night Jimmy Fallon. They're singing "The Governor Christie Traffic Jam" and it's hilarious.

I suspect the Late Night duo performance will completely dismantle any presidential ambitions Governor Christie might still harbor. Bruce Springsteen will surely allow the now public Late Night video to be used in political campaign adds. Of course, it would be just wonderful if political campaigns didn't have to depend on Bruce Springsteen performances to help educate people about candidates and issues. Unfortunately, the fact is, people who vote respond to emotional appeals more than to reason. Springsteen is an inspirational performer. His song lyrics resonate with the American culture. I believe Springsteen has fabulous instincts about what resonates with Americans. Obviously, Springsteen has a history of knowing exactly how to inspire people with his music and lyrics. YouTube could very well tank Governor Christie's political future, by association with this scandal, faster than any information revealed in subpoenas.  

The Christian Science Monitor's columnist Peter Grier tells the same story.

Grier is asking if The Boss (Springsteen) is Doubling Down on Christie?

First, the back story: This week The Boss appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” in a parody song that poked fun at Christie. The segment began with Mr. Fallon, dressed Bruce-like in jeans and sleeveless shirt, playing the familiar opening notes of “Born to Run,” with new words.

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“In the day we sweated out on the streets/stuck in traffic on the GWB,” Fallon sang. “They shut down the tollbooths of glory ’cuz we didn’t endorse Christie.”

Eventually, Springsteen himself strolled onstage, to Fallon’s mock surprise. They were dressed exactly alike.

Springsteen began in a conciliatory manner, singing, “C’mon and let me in/I wanna be your friend/there’ll be no partisan divisions.”

But it went downhill for Christie from there, as Springsteen sang about the highway jammed with peeved-off drivers and so forth.

“Someday governor I don’t know when/this will all end/but till then you’re killing the working man/who’s stuck in Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam!” Springsteen ended.

Applause applause! Bravo!

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