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Friday, August 23, 2013

Syrian Children and Christians Killed by Chemical Weapons - Regime Change is Morally Justified

Senator John McCain has pleaded with Americans about Syria for several years.  He's been correct, of course. 

Now, President Bashar al-Assad has pushed the world too far to continue to ignore Senator McCain's prophetic summons. It's time we rise above American instincts to recoil at more war and save the Syrian Christians from genocide.

In fact, Senator McCain deserves extraordinary praise for standing up for the Syrian people, especially in the face of public opinion that's decidedly against American intervention in any wars.

Now, the situation has tragically worsened.  

Innocent children are being victimized by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because they will grow up to become part of the army fighting for his regime change.
The number of registered child refugees fleeing Syria's violence has topped the 1 million mark in another grim milestone of the deepening conflict, two U.N. agencies said Friday.

President Bashar al-Assad must clearly be infected with evil, because he allowed his army to commit genocide against the children of families who are opposing his regime.  Images of dead children lined up in a make shift Syrian morgue are too horrific to include in this blog.  But, seeing those small dead bodies on the news conjures up an image, in my mind, of President Assad hanging by a rope after sentencing by a human rights trial.  

Although Senator John McCain has seen this genocide coming, his prophetic voice has not resonated with the American public.  This is because every war Americans became involved in, since President Clinton intervened in Kosovo, and even before, has turned out badly. International terrorism has appeared to grow as a result of American peace keeping interventions.  

Americans, to say the least, are war weary from fighting unresolved wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our world leadership doesn't deter terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. Our war on terrorism is especially frustrating when we found our international Enemy Number One Osama Bin Laden hiding in plain sight in  Abbottabad Pakistan, and not in Iraq or Afghanistan.  

Fundamentally working against American involvement in more wars on terrorism are the basic numbers - the terrorists appear to outnumber us.  

Yet, Americans must save Syrian children from genocide atrocities by their own government.  We just aren't "getting it" that innocent people, massacred in Syria, are largely Christians.  

Think about this: if we were committing genocide against Syrian Muslims, there'd be a Jihad, a summons for Muslims to struggle against all Westerners, as a result.  It makes no sense that the world would likely rise up against the innocent slaughter of Muslims (after all, Jihad has been declared as a result of political cartoons!) but doesn't seem equally affected by attacks on Christians.

Moreover, our US Congress is too deadlocked on issues still resonating from the 2012 Presidential election to make any decisions.  

Nonetheless, the blood of those dead Syrian children can't be ignored because Republicans don't want to implement Obamacare or provide Food Stamps to the poor.

Although there's no way of predicting how our Syrian intervention will impact the international war on terrorism or American world leadership, we simply can't allow millions of innocent children to suffer and die because we can't afford more war.  

In a press conference last August, Obama put Assad on notice that the U.S. would respond if Assad escalated from conventional warfare against his own people, saying:

“We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people . . . a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized.”

Unfortunately, Mr. President, it's urgently time to act.  We must lead the world and initiate a regime change in Syria. President Assad must be forced to face what has done, during his evil pursuit of tyranny to maintain political power.  

American must provide moral and, sadly, military leadership. 

Thank you, Senator John McCain, for your prophetic leadership on behalf of helping the Syrian people.  Your voice, spoken from the desserts in Arizona, has echoed in the unfulfilled lives of millions of desperate Syrian children.

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