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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maine Voters Congratulate State Senator Elect Eloise Vitelli - Harbinger for Republicans

A blog written a few weeks ago was a prognosticator of the Maine special election for State Senate Seat 19 in Sagadohoc County - Democrat Eloise Vitelli defeated a seasoned Republican and lovely lady, former State Senator Paula Benoit. This election is the fulfillment of my August 1st blog.

Congratulations State Senator Elect Eloise Vitelli!  

This election victory is the harbinger of an upcoming Gubernatorial Election in 2014, putting the incumbent Republican Governor Paul LePage against a popular challenger Democrat Congressman Mike Michaud.  From our house in Topsham, in Sagadahoc County, where we voted for Ms. Vitelli, the Benoit campaign was a formidable challenge for the SD19 seat vacated by former State Senator Seth Goodall, Democrat of Richmond.  

Although I'm just a blogger, not a political analyst, I saw this key Republican defeat before it happened, because of the split in the GOP.  This outcome was evident because of a conversation I had with the Independent candidate Stromgren, who would not identify himself as a Republican, although he, apparently, is one.  

In fact, the Independent candidate Stromgren, who said he was a Green candidate, acknowledged to me that the Tea Party supported him. He actually took just enough votes away from Republican Benoit to prevent her victory.  So, hurray (!) the ultra right wing Tea Party is finally good for something, after all.  They effectively assisted a Democratic victory for State Senator elect Vitelli!  Yeah!

MUNICIPALITYBenoit (R)Stromgren (G)Vitelli (D)Total
West Bath31322275

Nevertheless, the underlying story in this well deserved Democratic victory is in showing the damaging split in the Republican party. Assuming Stromgren is a Republican in Green clothing, he contributed to a Democratic victory.

This small special election in Sagadahoc County, Maine, might well be the political Canary in the Coal Mine example of how the Republican Party is in a survival mode, seeking the oxygen required to control its own messaging and vision.  

Republicans must shed the right wing extremist element if the GOP intends to grow and, ultimately, survive.

Moreover, the Maine Democrats have a political opportunity to regain control of the Augusta state house, with Congressman Mike Michaud's campaign gaining momentum following Vitelli's victory.  

Today is a good day for Maine Democrats and a harbinger for both political parties.  "As Maine Goes" is an old slogan, but with Vitelli's victory, the saying may have grown new legs.  



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