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Monday, July 29, 2013

Winners Doing Lunch - Mrs. Clinton and President Barack Obama

President Obama dining with Mrs. Hillary Clinton at the White House  is like a power lunch with steroids for dessert. 

They're obviously not chatting about "old times"; but rather (one can speculate) "what's next?".  In the campaign strategy for President Obama's succession in 2016, the operational focus will surely be on fast and furious fund raising.

Political rivalries between President Obama and former Secretary Mrs. Hillary Clinton have evaporatd like sea smoke on a cold day when the sun shines.  

Although the two once shared a frosty relationship when they vied for the White House, it's time for President Obama to help his former rival, turned loyal cabinet member, to win her place in presidential history - beginning with a power lunch.

12:00PM         THE PRESIDENT and former Secretary Clinton meet for lunch
                        Private Dining Room
                        Closed Press
Not even a mention of “Hillary” or “Hillary Rodham” or the State Department (her former perch).  Just “former Secretary Clinton,” the bare minimum required to distinguish her from her husband. Maybe the White House thought, if it used fewer words, the lunch date would slide below the radar. But not on a slow news day, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

Here's what I think they're "chatting" about - they're talking about winning!  Mrs. Clinton is preparing for her own 2016 presidential ambitions.  Although I suspect Mrs. Clinton could win the presidency without Mr. Obama's help, she is well advised to seek his loyal support before  rivals line up for his endorsement. 

In other words, Mrs. Clinton probably wants Vice-President Joe Biden and any other wannabe rivals to step aside, so she doesn't have to deal with a horrible election primary, like Governor Mitt Romney was faced with, when his rivals created mayhem before his GOP nomination.

Mrs. Clinton is brilliantly creating a path to her Democratic nomination, seeking access to unrivaled fund raising, without having to share the money pie with rivals.  She knows money will be the mother's milk of the 2016 election, especially since the ridiculous Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court allows filthy rich right wing moguls, like the Koch Brothers, to throw money against her like snowflakes in a blizzard.  

While the Washington Post writer Dan Balz writes about how the Obama campaign 2012 team outmaneuvered the Romney camp, the fact is, political rivalry tripped up the GOP's road to victory.  A band of rivals couldn't say enough bad things about one another. Too many campaign negative ads were simply more than a band of political rivals could overcome when it was time to "gather 'round the river" to win the election.  

Mrs. Clinton is wise to seek President Obama's loyalty early on, even before officially announcing her campaign plans.  She needs Mr. Obama's access to a unified donor base as well as the expertise his campaign staff used to get Democratic voters to go to the polls.

President Obama and Mrs. Clinton are both strong political winners. When winners do lunch, they sure don't talk about loosing.

Therefore, the GOP's right wing money bags better think long and hard before throwing away more millions than they wasted in 2011, when they were grossly unsuccessful.   

In 2016, the right wing extremists might as well invest their spare cash in alchemy as use their wealth to fight the super bowl team of winners lined up to defeat them, again.  This time, I'm hoping, Mrs. Clinton will drive the right wing extremists into hiding, so they'll have virtually no political influence against our American democracy, for a long-long time - and, by the way, this includes the undue influence of the National Rifle Association, too.  

Winners take all.

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