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Monday, July 08, 2013

Texas Governor Rick Perry Needs Exit Lessons

Texas Governor Rick Perry won't run for a fourth term as Texas Governor. In political speak, that means he can't win - but he can still "hang around" Austin and pretend to be in charge. Oh really?

After an event Monday in San Antonio where he announced he will not seek a fourth term as Texas governor, Perry was asked what he plans on doing with the time off he has coming?

During a 15-minute speech thanking his family and supporters, Perry vowed to stay busy around the Texas state house. He repeatedly referred to the fight over abortion rights currently consuming the capitol in Austin.

Governor Perry said he remains excited about his future but he visibly choked while giving this exit message. He obviously isn't going quietly into the night.

Apparently, Governor Perry can't recall what Benjamin Franklin said about friends who hang around too long - they begin to smell. In other words, if Perry isn't the governor, it's not likely his  vow to "stay busy around the Texas" will be well received.  Nothing is older news than a former governor. 

Governor Perry needs exit lessons.  Meaning, he needs to find a real job.  

Sadly, Governor Perry is using his last Texas leadership gasps to erode to near extinction women's health centers around the state. He's eliminating how poor women can access reproductive health care.  That's no way for a governor to exit.  Instead, he should be doing something to improve, rather than degrade, the human condition of his constituents.

Governor Perry needs exit lessons.  In learning how to give up power, he may find out how real people live.  Maybe, being unemployed for awhile, will help Governor Perry to accept humility and, thereby, help him to understand what it means to be human.

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