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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Unity in Africa: Two First Families Meet in Africa = One Nation

Mrs. Michelle Obama and Mrs. Laura Bush - Angels of Diplomacy in Africa: In a continent where tribal acrimony permeates politics and neighborhoods, the joining of two stunning American First Ladies must be as educational about American unity as it is entertaining to watch. 

America looked fabulous to the world when our two stunning First 
Ladies of the United States sat side by side in Tanzania, in Africa, to speak candidly about living in the White House.  Their non-verbal message was unifying and beautiful. Their joint public appearance told the world how America is one nation.  Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Obama are two intelligent women from opposite sides of America's political spectrum.  Yet, as they were interviewed, they were both beautiful, articulate and gracious to each other. In other words, Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Obama represented all the women of America to the citizens of the world and they gave a magnificent presentation.

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush shared a stage Tuesday at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania. They smiled and joked while also highlighting the importance of strengthening women.

Their husbands followed in the shadow of these First Ladies by joining together in a sad Memorial for those who were killed in the 1998 Al Qaeda attack on the U. S. Embassy in Tanzania.

Americans are politically polarized by difficult social and economic issues, but at the end of the day, we pledge to be One Nation Under God.  President Obama and former President George Bush and their charismatic wives put a face on our Pledge of Allegiance and we thank them for this impressive show of national pride and unity. 

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