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Friday, June 28, 2013

Pro Life but Anti Immigrant Hypocrites

Hundreds of people die every year while trying to illegally enter the US to find jobs and improve their socio-econimic status by working hard.  These victims are the mortality statistics of right wing policy extremists who are often self declared Christians and pro life zealots.  It's wrong to prevent these immigrants from achieving citizenship after they've risked their lives to enter the US, worked  hard and performed low skill jobs most Americans don't want to do.  

Americans need a pro-immigrant movement in the same spirit as Saint Mother Cabrini, who helped Europeans who entered the US during the waves of 19th and early 20th century immigration. 

In fact, I call on the Christian Pro-Life Advocates, the people who pay for membership in Right To Life organizations, to stand up and support these immigrants.  

Here's why this matters: When the U.S. beefed up patrols on the Mexican border, illegal immigrants took to crossing in remote areas. Many have died -- more than 450 last year. Often, they're buried unidentified in pauper's graveyards. 

"These types of death shouldn't happen," said chief deputy Benny Martinez, who tracks the deaths in a binder. Last year, he filled three. About 129 bodies were discovered -- more than double the year before.  

A project in south Texas is now trying to name the dead.  This worthwhile project will bring dignity to the people who died from largely preventable deaths, just because they wanted to find a way out of the cycle of poverty in their politically corrupt Latin American governments.  

Pro-life advocates should size the opportunity to save these immigrants from death.

Instead of wasting time funding and creating obsessive anti-abortion campaigns, the Pro-Life advocates would more good if they focused their attention on promoting the life of struggling immigrants.  Pro-life means supporting all life and that includes immigrant lives.

Pro-life advocates who support anti-immigration policies and block their path to citizenship are hypocrites.  A person cannot be pro-life while ignoring the death rate of immigrants who continue to risk their lives to become Americans.

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