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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear President Obama - you obviously won the election but Republicans are winning the public relations contest

Dear President Obama, Middle Class voters waited in long lines to re-elect you last year, but since then, you have not stood up  to defend our best interests.  You must stand up to the right wing obstructionists, bigots and time wasting recalls of Obamacare.
You have nothing to loose.  But, Middle Class citizens are loosing ground in public opinion. As a result, Republicans are holding public relations trump cards, squelching your well intended initiatives. This is evident by observing the following:

1.  Congressional obstructionism continues - Roll back of stupid budget sequester should be a "no brainer".  Instead, the sequester is running roughshod over programs needed by poor people who rely on Meals on Wheels and children who need Head Start education.

Alexandria, VA, June 4, 2013 - New information detailing the devastating impact of the federally mandated budget cuts known as sequester...reveal nearly 70% of Meals on Wheels survey respondents have reduced the number of meals served to the nation's hungry and homebound seniors.

2.  Obamacare is voted on time after time, wasting tax payer money with useless votes to overthrow the health care reform law.  Republicans waste tax payer paid time trying to repeal this important reform, although it's the law of the land. The Congress acts as though they know better than the majority of people who want to protect insurance reform provisions in Obamacare and the U.S. Supreme Court who supported its implementation.  

3.  Republicans continue blocking immigration reform, because President Obama supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  GOP opposition to immigrants achieving U.S. citizenship is the highest form of hypocrisy ever perpetrated on innocent people, because every single Congressman, including Speaker John Boehner, are descendants of immigrants but they won't allow the same privilege to others.  

4.  Supporters of the National Rifle Association continue to override the public opinion in support of increased regulations for gun ownership, especially for weapons intended to murder people.
A CBS-New York Times Poll reports that 51 percent of those polled support stronger gun ownership regulations while only 11 percent oppose it.  Although, Mr. President, you became angry when the U.S. Congress ignored public opinion and did not approve stronger gun regulations, nothing has been done since the failed vote.  

Outside of delivering some inspiring speeches, your leadership has gone underground on issues vitally important to the middle class who voted for you. 

Americans need leadership to stop the relentless votes to override health care reform; we need to know you have our backs when we rely on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, Military, Veterans and women's health care.  Nevertheless, your recent absentee leadership doesn't seem committed to helping us sustain these vitally important programs. 

We need leadership, advocacy and confidence from you!  
Please help us, like you promised.  We haven't given up on you, Mr. President, so please stand up for us.

Go after the GOP with your own public relations campaign. Speak to Americans and require us to change the concrete mindedness of those in Congress who are ignoring our calls for help.  

You clearly won re-election, but your leadership is waning. Those of us who supported you against formidable opposition are still waiting to see the President we elected.

We want you to win the public relations contest now in the Republican camp, because they are simply biding time until you are out of office. Don't let them get away with it!

Americans like you, President Obama. To use a basketball metaphor, winning a public relations contest should be a slam dunk.
Go to the net and just do it!

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