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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cheney Family - Right Wingers On a Mission

Americans have to wonder why the Cheney family continues to force themselves in the political arena when mainstream people don't seem to welcome their participation.  They're like raccoons raiding a picnic, they're big attractions but nobody wants them to be there.

"Dick" Cheney's Titanic political fall has not recovered since his time serving as Vice-President in the Bush Administration.  There are some places in the world where his mere appearance would cause his arrest for War Crimes, because of his role in the illegal American invasion o of Iraq.  

Now, his daughter Liz Cheney is going to run for a Senate seat in Wyoming next year. That’s where the Cheney family has roots, since dad Dick Cheney went to school there and was Wyoming’s lone representative before he was George W. Bush’s vice president.

Another caustic member of the family is Lynne Cheney, wife of Dick and Liz's mother.  She was a television pundit before her husband was Vice-President.  Her caustic right wing TV positions were as offensive as listening to an air raid siren without an off button.

Cheney gets attention for her Senate candidacy because of her family's name.  Apparently, she thinks her family's negative name recognition is better than no recognition at all. Her Cheney name defines who she is and what her political positions will be, if elected.  There's no chance she can establish her own political identity, so it's clear she wants to be a clone of her father.

Candidate Cheney must want to be "right of right". She somehow feels the incumbent Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi just isn't worthy of keeping his position representing Wyoming people.  So, she will challenge Enzi in an expensive primary, but she doesn't explain why. Because she can?  

In my opinion, there's another agenda in play for the entire Cheney family.  They want to prevent their family name from sinking further into the realm of Dante's Inferno

Most important to the Cheney family must be the realization that their family name is becoming cliche.  More urgent, however, is the potential for future judicial action related to improper use of authority (ie Haliburton) and yet to be revealed information about war crimes related to the invasion of Iraq.  

I suspect the entire Cheney family is on a mission to protect the family name from further desecration, but there's no reason why all Americans should be impacted by their ambitious quest.

Let's hope Liz Cheney will loose her primary challenge to the competent and well respected Senator Enzi. Wyoming people deserve respect; let's hope they (and all of us) are spared yet another generation of the world according to right wing Cheney politics.

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