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Friday, April 19, 2013

Tsarnaev Brothers Had Access to Guns - Outgunned Their Pursuers

In a dramatic shootout caught on video tape, the Tsarnaev brothers, who are suspected terrorists in the killings at the April 15th Boston Marathon, appeared to have plenty of armament, including guns, to continue their heinous litany of carnage.

"A Boston Marathon bombing suspect was gunned down in a blazing firefight with cops while his armed and dangerous terrorist brother remained on the run early Friday, authorities said." Read more:

"Doctors labored to save him (Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26) without success, the hospital (Beth Isreal) said in a news briefing. He had multiple gunshot wounds and what appeared to be blast injuries, said Dr. Richard Wolfe, chief of emergency medicine." The second suspect in Monday's marathon bombings, which left three dead and more than 170 injured, remained at large.

During the mayhem described in non-stop news coverage on practically every media outlet, not one pundit I've listened to (and especially not on Fox media or from conservative radio) asked how two terrorist brothers gained access to guns?

"The intense manhunt for suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, followed a night of terror that left a college police officer slain and a transit cop seriously injured." Read more:

Somehow and somewhere, these brothers received access to guns.  In fact, they outgunned the law enforcement trying to intervene during Thursday's (April 18th) overnight carnage.

Murdered as a result of this killing spree are Sean Collier, 26, an MIT policeman, who is a victim  along with marathon dead, Lu Lingzi, 23, a Chinese student, Krystle Campbell, 29, of Medford MA and Martin Richard, 8, of Dorchester MA. Also killed in the Thursday night gunfight was one of the two terrorist suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26.

Unfortunately, we don't have a clue about why the Tsarnaev brothers turned violent and murdered innocent people in their terrorism spree. Nevertheless, it's certain that Sean Collier, 26 and the police officers injured in the subsequent Thursday night attack, as well as Tsarnaev, wouldn't be dead if those brothers didn't have guns.

Shame on those 45 Senators who voted against expanded gun purchase background checks. Their support could prevent further copy-cat terrorists from getting access to weapons, if regulations were tightened.  Americans should demand that the 45 Senators reconsider their misplaced submission to NRA (National Rifle Association) control and vote, again, to call for background checks.

All preventable deaths by gun violence should hold the National Rifle Association complicit in these and all preventable deaths, including the killing of MIT police officer Sean Collier and, yes, terrorist Tamerla Tsarnaev.  

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