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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Tragedy - Uniting America Where We Began

Boston bombings suddenly puts terrorism back high on the national agenda.  

This horrific wake up call perpetrated in the city adjacent to where our Democracy began with the "shot heard around the world" (in Lexington and Concord), reminds us of who we are as a nation and how we are united.

Former Massachusetts (Boston area) Congressman Barney Frank said on CNN said, (...immense April 15th tragedy notwithstanding)..."Here we saw government...serve people very tax cut would have helped us to recover (from this)." 

In other words, Americans can't let divisive politics continue to rule our agenda, when there's simply too much to loose by feeding wasteful and polarizing politics.

Americans are united in demanding answers to the five "W's" of this evil attack - who did it? what motivated it? when were these devastating bombs planted at busy Copley Square, placed so as to create the most chaos, death and destruction, where was it planned? and why did it happen?

My sincere sympathy to those who were attacked in the senseless assault on innocent people who were appreciating a very long standing annual marathon tradition.  Particularly tragic is the loss of an innocent 8 year old Richard Martin  (this child's name was inversely reported and is correctly Martin Richard). He was at the event to watch his father race. Sadly, his mother and 6-year-old sister suffered serious injuries.  His mother underwent surgery for an injury to her brain and his sister lost a leg in the explosion. Incredibly tragic outcomes.....

This loss of innocents has no rational's clearly an act of evil madness.

Our national response to this cowardly attack, regardless of who perpetrated it, is a statement of how we care about our national human condition.  Without regard for political of financial compensation, Boston's emergency and medical response was extraordinarily efficient.

Nevertheless, this shock to our sense of national security is more than a tragedy, it's a serious symbolic reminder that our world will never be completely safe from evil people who are relentlessly intent on killing innocent people.

Evil people eventually fail - they always fail, indeed, they've never succeeded.  Instead, these and all heinous acts, intended to create pandemic fear, only serve to unite good people against whatever obsessive cause the mindless demons are attacking.  

Unfortunately, the initial lack of information about who might be responsible for the evil Boston Marathon attack may signify a new normal for the operations  of gruesome people with destructive intentions.  Rather than boast, these evil doers may have a seditious strategy to keep silent.

It's a terrible terrorism incident, but the Boston Marathon Tragedy is another in a series of deadly reminders about our fleeting time on this beautiful earth. Moreover, it's a time for us to reflect on how important it is for us to support and care for each other.

Americans, and the world of good people are united against evil. We're likewise united in expressing grief for Boston, the Hub, and where our patriotic identity began, in Lexington and Concord.  

Like 1775, when the shot heard around the world served as a clarion call for national independence, the April 15th Boston bombing will have a uniting influence on America's agenda against terrorism, regardless of where its evil intentions are located.

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