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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cowards in United States Congress Kowtow to National Rifle Association and Won't Defend American Public Safety

A justifiably angry President Obama Scolded our Cowardly Congress today April 17th Calling Today a "Shameful Day" for the American people. 

President Barack Obama, former Congresswoman Gifford (center), a victim of gun violence and Neil Heslin, father of Newtown victim Jesse Lewis, parent of Sandy Hook Elementary victim are visibly sad following the Senate vote today in the White House Rose Garden President Obama is angry and shares his grief with victims of gun violence.
Shame on those Senators like the egotistical Senator Rand Paul, Republican from Kentucky, and others who wouldn't stand up and support the valiant effort to protect American people from gun violence. All the insensitive and arrogant Senators who wouldn't support this initiative are cowards and must be voted out of office!

I stand with President Obama, as well as the families who suffered the preventable deaths of innocent children in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Americans must oppose those cowards who let the National Rifle Association control their Senate votes today

President Barack Obama's push on gun control suffered a major blow Wednesday when the senate defeated a gun-buyer background check bill put together by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).

The amendment failed 54 to 46, falling short of the 60-vote threshold needed to break a filibuster of the measure.

Obama spoke on the failed measure Wednesday afternoon in the White House rose garden. He took to the podium after Mark Barden, the father of a Newtown victim. 

"(It's a)...pretty Shameful Day For Washington’: Obama Rips Senate Failure, Calls Out Gun Lobby For ‘Willful Lies"

"Our hearts are broken, our spirit is not," Barden said. 

Obama placed blame on the gun lobby during his remarks.

"The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill," Obama said.

Thank you to the brave US Senators who stood against the National Rifle Association and for the safety of the American people. I'm especially grateful to Senator Susan Collins of Maine who refused to be intimidated by an ugly statewide negative television campaign and to Senator John McCain, who knows how to lead rather than kowtow. They both supported the amendment.

Likewise, thank you to Senator Angus King, who has a history of  bravely voting in support of public safety over special interests and, true to his values and public record, voted in support of the expanded background checks.  

Both Maine Senators voted to support the gun regulation amendment.  Among Republicans, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Mark Kirk of Illinois, John McCain of Arizona and Toomey sided with Democrats.  In fact, both of Maine’s U.S. senators – Collins and independent Angus King – voted in support of the failed amendment. Collins said earlier Wednesday that the compromise was “a reasonable, common-sense, thoughtful proposal.”"There are no coherent arguments for why we didn't do this," Obama said.

Obama's anger was apparent during his remarks, which were given as families of shooting victims and former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) -- a shooting survivor -- stood behind him.

"All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington," Obama said.

Therefore, with all the weight of 90 percent of the American people who approve of expanded background checks for gun sales, it's high time to remove all who voted against this background check humane initiative out of office, regardless of what political party they represent.  

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