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Friday, March 08, 2013

Tea Party Activists - Try Volunteering

Americans at risk for experiencing the negative impact of the dire budget "sequester" cuts are facing job furlough's, reductions in income and loss of services at our national borders and airports. This is happening because Congressional Republicans won't compromise on revenues, aka "taxes".  

Ironically, sequestration — a congressional mandated act — is now one of the biggest threats to border security and a hindrance to our ongoing trade and commerce, says Rep. Pete Gallego, a Texas Democratic congressman.

Instead of trying to fix the sequester problem, Republicans are "shocked! shocked!" that cuts are putting border security at risk. 

Would these obstructionists volunteer to provide border security?

Unbelievably, Republicans would rather protect their rich friends getting richer, holding fast to tax loop holes, than save the jobs of middle class people working in public safety and security at our borders. This unnecessary sequester enjoys the rare bipartisan label of being plain "stupid". Nevertheless, right wingers in Texas and Arizona are screeching about loss of border personnel as a result of Republican obstructionists (like Eric Cantor and John Boehner) who won't compromise on revenue to make the sequester go away.

Congressman Pete Gallego calls the sequester a "manufactured monster" in a Dallas News OP-ED: 
Sequestration is a threat to border security and trade 
by Congressman Pete Gallego 03/06/2013

"This thing we now call “the sequester” is a manufactured monster. Approximately two years ago, the 112th Congress passed extreme across-the-board cuts known as sequestration. This budget measure was designed to be so drastic that it was supposed to force a bipartisan compromise on reducing the deficit. All sides seem to agree that the cuts were never meant to happen."

"As we now know, there was no compromise. Partisan gridlock got in the way of good public policy. On March 1, 2013, sequestration took effect. It threatens the future of Texas families and the economic prosperity of our state. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, sequestration would cut economic growth in 2013 by one-third. A report from the House Committee on Appropriations projected a loss of 2.14 million jobs, nearly half of which would come from small businesses."

"A 2012 George Mason University study estimated that Texas could lose almost 160,000 jobs. Data.... shows that in the area of defense, Texas would be among the hardest hit. Of particular importance to the 23rd Congressional District is the impact of the sequester on border security, trade, and commerce."

"Efforts and numerous studies over the years have been made to reduce border wait times and increase border security. Many jobs in Texas and much of our economy is inextricably linked to international trade. Trade with Mexico represents one of our biggest economic drivers and pumps billions to our economy."

Like a political conundrum, Congressman Gellego is a rare Texas Democrat who says he's elected because he uses good judgement. Wow! As a Democrat, he's able to get away with telling people the truth!  In other words, he's thoughtful rather than reactionary. He's a Democratic truth teller in a Republican world.

On the other hand, the Republicans in Texas and in Arizona are uselessly whining about the loss of border security, while doing nothing to fund, or even prioritize, this protection.

“People tend to trust my judgment because I call ’em as I see them," he says. "It’s not about cheerleading and it’s not about calling the other guy names. It’s about doing the right thing. That's how I have survived 22 years in a Republican district, and I expect it will help me represent the 23rd District for a long, long time.”

Thank you Congressman Gellego, for level headed leadership while telling Texans the truth about the impact of sequestration on border security.  

I suggest Congressman Gellego summon a call to action to Tea Party obstructionists, to volunteer on behalf of his constituents, to protect the Texas 23rd district with border security.  While these helpful good Samaritans are rallying to fill the need, I'd also respectfully suggest that Congressman Gellego travel to Arizona, paid by Governor Jan Brewer, to educate the right wing extremists in her state about how they, too, can be volunteers for border security.

Meanwhile, the US Congress should repeal the stupid sequester and allow the nation's economy to prosper, without people worrying about essential border and airport security, as well as their jobs.  

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