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Monday, February 11, 2013

State of the Union - President Obama's Leadership Moment

President Obama's fifth State of the Union address tomorrow, Tuesday February 12th, will be more like his first leadership moment than any prior speech before Congress.  

In the past, Congressional Republicans have been as cool to the President as having an unwanted in-law for dinner. It was obvious how the four previous State of the Union lukewarm welcomes were based upon the false assumption of President Obama being a "one term president".  (Rep. Michele Bachmann was never been held accountable for her now debunked rhetoric.)

In my opinion, President Obama should address the Congress for a 5th time, with a renewed authority and commanding point of view. He has the will of the majority of American voters at his back and he must use this clout wisely.

As one of the majority of voters who helped to elect President Obama to a second term, these are my "two cents" worth of 3 points of advice for his annual SOTU (State of the Union) address:

1.  "Give forward"- Remember, it was Middle Class America who gave wind to the President's re-election; therefore, the future of the Democratic party depends on retaining this important voting group. Provide us, in the Middle Class, with confidence that the 2012 campaign was not only an election victory but a sea turn away from the politics of greed and in support of fair economic revenue sharing.

2. "Call to Action" -  President Obama should summon the majority of voters who elected him, to continue the job of choosing political leaders who care about the United States of America more than they are beholding to powerful lobbyists.  "We the People" means all the people. It's not "We Few People" or "We Rich People" but all the people.  Americans can't go from one election to another without realizing how our voices must be heard in between decisive dates on a calendar.  We must continue to support the need to carry President Obama's promise to protect the Middle Class by communicating our intention to elect leaders based on their representation of the best intentions of all the people.  In other words, we want to elect leaders who care about reducing gun violence in America, believe that health care is a right rather than a privilege and support Social Security as a safety net against poverty for beneficiaries who live to retirement age. 

3. "United We Stand" - It's time for President Obama to remind the Congressional Republican how a State Senator from Illinois became leader of the free world in less than 10 years.  This rocket launched career was made possible because President Obama soaked up the political spotlight with his 2004 Democratic Convention speech, when he identified our nation's biggest vulnerability.  He woke up Americans during this speech, given from his heart rather than driven by political ambition. We're not red states and blue states, but a United States of America, as he proclaimed in that riveting speech. Indeed, the Republicans must be reminded about this unifying basis for our strong democracy and start acting like leaders rather than partisan puppets.  

At the end of the President's 5th Leadership SOTU, we should feel like it's his first time speaking with the authority of a leader who affirms the will of those who elected him, because he is one of us.  

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